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0602 | Broken Headlight Flicker

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

An old story from a new perspective gives Josh and the team new information, new leads, and credence to many of their theories and investigative paths.

Written, researched, and produced by Josh Hallmark Research assistance by Ben Lamb and Kaz

Patreon producers: Alexa Horn, Amy Basil, Benjamin Cioppa-Fong, Casey Jensen-Richardson, Dana Keith, Drew Vipond, Hallie Reed, Jessica Alihodzic, Jillian Natale, John O'Leary, Kendall C, Kimberly K, Lauren F, Lindsay Kurtis, Manolis Boukolus, Meggan Capps-Seawel, Sara C, SC, Shannon Foster, Shelly Brewer, Tuesdi Woodworth, Zack Ignatowicz Warren, and Lydia Fiedler.




Down in a Rabbit Hole by Bright Eyes

Tonally, this speaks to the show so well. Lyrically, it speaks to the obsession we all have with this case. It is haunting and limping and imposing and impulsive. I always knew I wanted to feature it in the show; there was no better time than this episode.


Possess by William Hellfire

When the Tide Breaks Free by James Forest

Sleepers by Sergey Cheremisinov

Mountains Past by Amulets

Big Water by Sergey Cheremisinov

Smother by Whithe

Bill Troester by Jordan Hatfield

Ashes in the Wind by Radical Face



• The News & Observer



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Israel Keyes, Bill Currier, Lorraine Currier, The Curriers, Samantha Koenig, Debra Feldman, George Murtie, Essex PD

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