0504 | 18 Miles, 9 Minutes (part two)

The look into the disappearance of Karen Adams continues; taking a close look at Keyes's history, habits, and comfort zones - and how they relate strikingly to the Karen Adams case.

Written, researched, and produced by Josh Hallmark

Additional research by Andrew French and Shana Wilensky. Research assistance by Michelle Tooker and Kaz.

Patreon producers: Alexa Horn, Amy Basil, Casey Jensen-Richardson, Chelsea Collings, Christina Sisson, Ellen Haines Chaponis, Dana Keith, Drew Vipond, Hallie Reed, Harrison Bequette, Jessica Alihodzic, Jillian Natale, Kimberly, Meggan Capps-Seawel, Shannon Foster, Shelly Brewer, Zack Ignatowicx Warren, Tuesdi Woodworth, and Lydia Fiedler


Dr. Chris Kunkle Chris is a clinical and forensic psychologist.

Chris is the former President of the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases (AISOCC) and currently serves as the Chief Behavioral Health Officer for the SC Department of Corrections.

Adam Saunders as Israel Keyes Adam is the co-host of the GravityBeard podcast.