0501 | Release

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Season five kicks off on the heels of a big revelation, and continues the investigation into serial killer Israel Keyes.

Written, researched, and produced by Josh Hallmark

Research assistance by Michelle Tooker and Shana Wilensky

Patreon producers: Alexa Horn, Amy Basil, Chelsea Collings, Christina Sisson, Dana Keith, Drew Vipond, Hallie Reed, Jessica Alihodzic, Jillian Natale, Kimberly, Meggan Capps-Seawel, Shelly, and Lydia Fiedler


Dr. Chris Kunkle

Chris is a clinical and forensic psychologist.

Chris is the former President of the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases (AISOCC) and currently serves as the Chief Behavioral Health Officer for the SC Department of Corrections.

Sydney Copp

Sydney is a Vermont-based, middle school teacher; and former student and friend of Christopher Roof.