0402 | The Timeline

A close examination of the FBI's timeline, and some of its failures, sheds new light on Israel Keyes's travels. Analysis of a trip to Seattle and Sacramento, leads us somewhere else entirely. And in Sacramento, a bombshell awaits.


Written, researched, and produced by Josh Hallmark

Research assistance by Becca Cline, Andrew French, Michelle Tooker, and Shana Wilensky


William Hellfire: Possess

Puddle of Infinity: Procession

Asher Fulero: Desert Catharsis

Jesse Gallagher: Maestro Tlakaelel

Sergey Cheremisinov: Sleepers

Radical Face: Ashes in the Wind

Elk City: Little Brother


NAMUS The Charley Project The Press-Enterprise: Missing-man case haunts relatives, police

The Press-Enterprise: Police seek help in missing man case


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