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PLAYLIST is a podcast that explores how music impacts us. Each episode features a rotating roundtable of guests who, over cocktails, share their favorite songs (and the stories behind them) that fall within a particular theme. We laugh, we cry, we tease, we get personal.

PLAYLIST returns Summer 22.

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PLAYLIST is as much about community as it is music. I wanted a way to gather with friends and contemporaries and get to know one another through music (and drinks, of course). 

This podcast has become such an important part of my life. Most podcasters podcast alone. It can be lonely and isolating. PLAYLIST has essentially given us an office break room. And as we share our experiences through music, we get to reach each other and listeners in new and exciting ways; whether it's sharing stories of our first heartbreaks or happiest moments, the places we grew up or the songs that inspire us, even tales of addiction, death, and depression. 

PLAYLIST is a close examination of life and how we experience and share it, scored by the soundtracks of our lives and histories.


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