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Our Americana is a podcast that explores the extraordinary stories, from Small Town America, that impact, cultivate, and challenge community.

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In 2015, my partner and I bought a camper van and set off to see America. We spent six months, forty states, three provinces, and countless American towns traveling through the histories and communities of this vast land of ours. 

Our Americana are the stories discovered and inspired by those travels. We learned that this country is so much more than red vs. blue, political talking points, and 24-hour news cycle fodder. We started to see that small town America is so much richer and open than represented in most media. That was the story I wanted to tell: Community can come together, in spite of their differences, for the love of the places they inhabit. We are all in this together, and if you look hard enough, it's all you see.



Our Americana is ninety percent listener-funded. There are several ways you can help support the making of this show, including monthly support through Patreon and one-time donations through PayPal. Patreon patrons have access to rewards including bonus content, access to FBI files, and more. Consider supporting the show for as little as one dollar per month.


Our Americana is made possible by the many generous listeners who have and continue to support the show, including the following patrons giving at the highest level:

Vicki Russell, Spreaker, Vanessa York, Anna Piper, Rebecca Nienow, Sarah Hildebrand

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