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The Karen & Ellen Letters is a true tale of two girls, their found correspondence, and a journey deep into cognitive dissonance. The podcast chronicles host Josh Hallmark's twelve year obsession with finding out the truth behind a stack of bizarre letters he received for his 24th birthday. It is equal parts comedy and mystery.

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In 2005, I received a collection of letters for my 24th birthday. What, at first, appeared to be a strange gift, became a 13-year obsession.

The Karen & Ellen Letters were a bound collection of handwritten letters, from the 80s, between a landlord and his two very dim and demanding tenants. The letters are insane. What starts off as a list of demands from Karen to her new landlord Mark, becomes a three year back-and-forth that only becomes more and more egregious with time. So egregious that I began to doubt their authenticity. 

And so The Karen & Ellen Letters podcast is the reading of those letters and my 13 year journey to authenticate them. It's a comedy. It's a mystery. It's full of strange twists, shocking revelations, and lots and lots of laughter.



The Karen & Ellen Letters is ninety percent listener-funded. There are several ways you can help support the making of this show, including monthly support through Patreon and one-time donations through PayPal. 


The Karen & Ellen Letters is made possible by the many generous listeners who have and continue to support the show, including the following patrons giving at the highest level:

Vicki Russell, Spreaker, Vanessa York, Anna Piper, Rebecca Nienow, Sarah Hildebrand

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