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Twice annually, Our Americana Podcast Network launches fundraising initiatives for charitable organizations, victims of crimes, and underfunded investigative tools and resources. Check out and support our first 2021 initiative below.

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Fundraiser & Podcastathon

The Event

Join some of your favorite True Crime podcasters and personalities, on GetVokl, for an all-day interactive podcastathon in support of the Charley Project.

DATE: Saturday, February 20, 2021

TIME: 12pm Eastern - 11:55pm Eastern

WHERE: GetVokl: The Home of Interactive Podcasting

PRICE: Free, with a suggested donation of $25.


12p: Welcome

1215p: Pretend / Criminal Conduct - Q&A

1p: True Crime Fan Club - Live Show

145p: Maggie Freleng (Unjust & Unsolved) & Patrick Hinds (True Crime Obsessed) - True Crime Q&A

230p: Crimlines - Q&A with Amelia Earhart expert, Chris Williamson

330p: Wine & Crime - Q&A

415p: True Crime Bullsh** - Q&A

5p: Delphi Roundtable with Kelsi German (Advocate), Laurah Norton (The Fall Line), and Rebekah Sebastian (Die-Alogue / Criminality)

545p: The Trail Went Cold - Live Show

645p: LA Not So Confidential - True Crime Book Club

730p: Crime Writers On - Live Show

815p: Yellow Tape True Crime Trivia

9p: Josh Bloch (Escaping NXIVM) - Q&A

10p: Mugshot / Corpus Delicti - Q&A

1045p: Crawlspace Media - Live Show

1130p: Raffle

JOIN: Join the Facebook event page for updates and more information!

About GetVokl

GetVokl is an interactive, podcast streaming platform that creates and enhances the community of podcasting. Listeners can engage, interact, and chat with their favorite podcasters: live and face-to-face.

True Crime listeners can join GetVokl every Thursday for #TrueCrimeThursdays, which features live sessions with a dozen True Crime podcasters. 

GetVokl will be hosting the Podcastathon for the Charley Project. All you have to do is sign-up and show up. 


The Cause

The Charley Project ( is an independently operated website and database that profiles over 14,000 missing persons cold cases - with a focus on America's missing. And while the Charley Project does not actively investigate cases; it has become both:
• A publicity vehicle for missing people who are often neglected by the press and forgotten all too soon; and
• The most comprehensive and reliable tool for those who are investigating missing persons cases.

The Charley Project has been a primary resource for my investigation into Israel Keyes. I've found it's a significantly more reliable and detailed resource than NAMUS (The United States government's database for missing Americans). And I know I'm not alone. The majority of True Crime podcasts I know and listen to cite The Charley Project as a major source for their research. So, I was shocked to find out that this entire comprehensive website and database is managed and operated by a single good samaritan: Meaghan Good.

Meaghan launched the Charley Project in October of 2004. Her interest in cold cases didn't come from a personal experience, but rather from the personal experiences of those around her and in the media. It was her empathy for others that inspired her activism. And her friendship with Jennifer Marra - the founder of the Missing Persons Cold Case Network (MPCCN) - that cemented her work.

Meaghan credits being on the autism spectrum for her ability to take on and maintain this herculean task for so long, with so few resources. The Charley Project - which is Meaghan's full time job - makes, on average, less than $1000/month. Meaghan and her husband live a pretty modest life in a trailer park in Indiana, funded largely by his teaching salary.  

Meaghan, a rape survivor who's challenged with bipolar disorder, has built and maintained this honored and lauded database essentially on good will and empathy alone. And this database has made huge impacts.

Multiple missing people have been found due to the Charley Project. Let's help improve the Charley Project and make this vocation a more viable career for Meaghan.

Join some of your favorite True Crime podcasters and personalities on February 20, 2021 for an all-day podcast-a-thon to help raise money for the Charley Project. But why wait until then, when you can start donating to this critical cause now? 



To learn more about the Charley Project, go to

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