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A Podcastathon for Tawny Platis

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Tawny & her husband George were inseparable. They shared six years and just about every waking second they could together. Tawny & George were building a career in podcasting. They spent night after night working on their show The Dirty Bits, Tawny as the voice artist and George as the audio engineer. They knew they were soulmates - and it was evident to anyone who spent time with the couple.

While many of their memories are happy, George and Tawny’s relationship was plagued by an onslaught of health issues.

George was born with a single ventricle cardiac anatomy. He also had low function cilia which caused him severe respiratory issues. Many of Tawny's & George’s evenings were spent with the doctors at UCLA Jolla, Sharp Grossmont, and Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

On November 8th, 2019 George lost his difficult battle with his body and Tawny lost her soulmate. The next few months for Tawny were filled with grief, devastation, and pain. Coupled with the effects of the Coronavirus, Tawny has been more isolated than ever. In addition to the grief, she is also left with an estimated $60,000 in medical debt and has been struggling to support herself with one income.

And so, we're hosting a podcastathon to help raise money to support Tawny in the wake of this tragedy.

Join the event HERE.



Saturday | 11 July 2020

1:00PM to 1:00AM Eastern

On GetVokl

Podcastathon Line-Up

Times in Pacific / Eastern

10 AM / 1 PM

10:15 AM / 1:15 PM

11:15 AM / 2:15 PM

12:15PM / 3:15 PM

1:15 PM / 4:15 PM

2:15 PM / 5:15 PM

3:15 PM / 6:15 PM

4 PM / 7 PM

4:15 PM / 7:15 PM

5:15 PM / 8:15 PM

6:15 PM / 9:15 PM

7:15 PM / 10:15 PM

8:15 PM / 11:15 PM

9:15 PM / 12:15 AM

10 PM / 1 AM

Intro & Welcome with Hannah Ostic, Josh Hallmark, and Lanie Hobbs

Classic Rock Battles: The Limey & The Yank: Live Show

It's Haunted... What Now: Ghost Stories

True Crime Bullsh**:  Updates on the Keyes Case and Q&A

Wine & Crime: Listener Q&A

We Watched a Thing: Live Show

Boozy Movies: Live Show


Varmints! Two Girls on a Bench! I Like to Like Things!: A Group Discussion

Crawlspace Studios: Live Discussion

True Crime Fan Club: Live Show

Trace Evidence: Live Show

Criminology & The Murder in My Family: Live Discussion

The Trail Went Cold: Strange Tweets and Q&A

RAFFLE #2 / Thank You



We will be hosting two raffles during the event.

For every $5 donated to Tawny's GoFundMe, you'll get one raffle ticket.

For every 450 V-coin donated via the GetVokl app, you'll get one raffle ticket.

We'll be raffling off the following (including, but not limited to):

2 Free tickets and hotel stay for 2021's True Crime Podcast Festival

Berkshires Retreat for 2 - Hotel & Museum Tickets

$200 Visa Gift card

30-minute Podcast Coaching Session with Emily Prokop

1 Voice Coaching Session with Tawny Platis

1 Zoom Happy Hour with Josh Hallmark

Wine & Crime swag bag

True Crime Fan Club swag bag

True Crime Bullsh** swag bag

The Trail Went Cold swag bag

Trace Evidence swag bag

The Karen & Ellen Letters swag bag (including the actual letters)

Custom True Crime Signs from Cole Marie

2 Signed Books by Mike Morford (1 on The Zodiac, 1 on EAR/ONS)

Canadian True Crime swag bag

and more!

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