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True Crime Bullsh** is a serialized, investigative podcast. Its first two seasons explored meticulous and enigmatic serial killer Israel Keyes. Host Josh Hallmark took listeners on a strange, terrifying, and emotional journey, as he attempted to find the missing, understand a killer, explore the impacts of crime, and reconcile with those left behind.

Now, in it's third season, TCB is investigating female serial killer Kelly Cochran and attempting to identify her (at least) 7 unknown victims.

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“I’ll make it worth every sleepless night; I'll make it worth every last bite.”
-Bad Baby Pie, Torres

According to Kelly Cochran, on the night of her wedding, her new husband Jason forced her to agree to a pact: 
That if she ever cheated on him, she would have to murder the man she cheated with, or else Jason would murder her.

And according to multiple confessions by Kelly, this pact would lead to the deaths of at least 9 people. Only two of those victims have been identified: including, eventually, Jason himself. 

I have always been quite certain that Kelly was both the mastermind and aggressor behind the couple's crimes, and Jason was the more passive participant. I felt it was my responsibility though, to question that certainty and explore how two people can agree to and cooperate in the most immoral and depraved of acts, and get away with it for so long; to better understand the dynamics of that relationship.

This season on True Crime Bullshit, we’ll investigate how this pact created one of the most prolific female serial killers in American history, and whether Kelly was the victim of an abusive husband or a manipulative murderous mastermind; we’ll explore gender bias in true crime, and attempt to identify Kelly’s missing victims.



“I’m like a dog, always barking at a ghost.”
-I Don't Want Your Voice To Move Me, Laura Gibson

In March of 2012, Israel Keyes was pulled over outside of Lufkin, Texas. And in that moment, hundreds of lives would be forever changed. Including mine. At first, I became obsessed with this murder mystery in reverse; we knew who the killer was, but not his victims. I needed to know. I needed closure for those lost I’d never even known.

But over the last three years, the deeper I got into the FBI files and hundreds of missing persons reports, the more compelled I became by the stories surrounding Israel. There was a connectivity between the people in his life, the lives he took, the lives lost all across the country. I started to see the true crime genre so differently. I became haunted by the faces of the missing, and their families, and their stories.

I needed to find the humanity in this story. And so True Crime Bullsh** became as much about finding Israel’s missing victims as it did deconstructing True Crime and sharing the stories of those impacted by it. And how I lost myself in it.





True Crime Bullsh** is sixty percent listener-funded. There are several ways you can help support the making of this show, including monthly support through Patreon and one-time donations through PayPal. Patreon patrons have access to rewards including ad-free episodes, access to FBI files, and more. Consider supporting the show for as little as one dollar per month.


True Crime Bullsh** is made possible by the many generous listeners who have and continue to support the show, including the following patrons giving at the highest level:

Jessica Alihodzic, Vanessa York, Krissa Swain Randolph, Hannah Rose, Denise de la Veaux, John Lawson, Jennifer Head, Vicki Russell, Christina Sisson

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