Press Room

Sincerely, Yours: Small Town Us

We welcome Josh from the Our Americana podcast, my new favorite podcast (!), to today’s episode. It’s a show all about unique small towns throughout the country. We chat about the inspiration behind the show, how it compares from its beginning episodes, and common themes throughout small town life.

Podcasting Smarter: Listen More, Listen Indie with Josh Hallmark

Josh joins Podcasting Smarter (as their first return guest) to discuss the #2PodsADay campaign that has been gaining real momentum in the podcasting world.

I'd Rather Not: Kiki with Josh Hallmark

Josh chats with hosts Kwame and Kristie about Our Americana's Austin, Indiana series, rape culture, and the importance of having tough conversations.

Podcasting Smarter: All The Makings Of The Next Serial with Josh Hallmark

Josh chats with host Jennifer Crawford about the launch of The Karen & Ellen Letters podcast, the ever evolving podcasting industry, monetizing podcasts, and the OA Podcast Network.

Podcasts We Listen To: The Karen & Ellen Letters

Facebook's largest podcast community now has its own show. Josh chats with host Jeremy Collins about Karen & Ellen and his passion for podcasting.

The GravityBeard Podcast: Our Americana

Josh chats with host Chris Green about life on the road, the Our Americana Podcast Network, his hometown, and strange family traditions.

The I Hate Average Podcast: Josh from Our Americana

Josh chats with host Average Jay about life on the road during the election, separating people from their votes, and finding humanity in trying times.

Blaze Entertainment: Josh Hallmark

Josh chats with host Kwame about life on the road, being gay in Small Town America, the Our Americana podcast, and surviving the election.

12 Minute Convos: Josh Hallmark

Josh stops by Twelve Minute Convos with Engel Jones to answer some rapid-fire questions about love and life, and talk about the importance of storytelling.

Petoskey News-Review: Our Americana Features Petoskey

Josh chats with Matt Mikus, host of the Petoskey News-Review Podcast, about the launch of Our Americana, his travels, and the town that stole his heart.