The Podcast Network

Our Americana is a podcast that explores interesting small towns across America & the stories that impact, cultivate, & challenge community. Each week, host Josh Hallmark shares the unique story of a town through conversations with the locals at its core.

The Karen & Ellen Letters is the audio reenactment of three years worth of almost daily correspondence between a landlord and his two, very dumb tenants. The letters cover such tricky topics as who should pay for an exorcism, whether a cat painting is a fair trade for a broken vanity, and what to do when your landlord won't file a lawsuit against himself for you. 

This serialized true crime podcast deep dives into the case of America's most meticulous and mysterious serial killer: Israel Keyes. In a strange twist on the traditional murder mystery, the host aims to determine not who the killer is, but who the victims were. We examine his life, his history, his travels, his patterns, and even connect with multiple hosts of other TC podcasts to sort out who may have been his seven confirmed but unidentified victims. 

True Crime Bullshit premiers in late 2017.