A real, stupid podcast.

In 2005, I received a file folder full of photocopied hand-written letters for my birthday. The letters were between two teenage girls and their landlord; they spanned over three years. I looked, bewildered, at the woman who gave them to me. She merely smiled and said, "Trust me, you'll love this."

To say the letters were ridiculous would be an understatement. They began with Karen writing her landlord, Mark, with a list of deductions she planned on making from her rent. The list included, but was not limited to: fish food, cleaning supplies, and hangers. And that was just the beginning. The deeper I got into the close to 200 letters, the more egregious they became. They were hysterically hilarious; they were unreal.

And that's where this journey began: My need to find out if the events depicted in this ragged, old collection of correspondence actually occurred. This is a podcast of both those letters and my journey to authenticate them.