S2|E1: How To Catch A Mouse
Ellen catches a mouse. Dot loses her dog. Mark gets scolded. Karen spies on her neighbors. Josh tries to reconcile timelines.

S2|E2: I Can't Wait To Get Over The Wall
Ants! Helena reconnects with an old friend. Karen, Ellen, and Rob return from their travels. Someone has a really bad day. Ellen does homework. Mark apologizes.

S2|E3: Moon Square Sun
Ellen submits an application. Karen vents. Mark finds a love letter.

S2|E4: In My Legal Opinion
Karen’s legal representative weighs in. Karen, Ellen, and Rob need jobs. And the fate of the cat painting is uncovered.

S2|E5: Karen Karen Karen
Steve congratulates himself. Timelines create serious issues. Sara makes a case. Josh learns about email.

S2|E6: A Real Jerk
Josh piques Karen’s interest. Karen makes several bad decisions after hearing from Josh. Josh receives an email. We reach out to an old friend.

S2|E7: Under Nose
Ellen has car trouble. Darren spills the beans. The more it makes sense, the less it makes sense.

S2|E8: Crochet Pants
Someone moves on. Ellen goes to New York. Josh isn’t the only one with a blog.

S2|E9: The Big Guy
Helena talks about a pic. Josh makes a case. The coast guard returns. The results are in. Josh makes a phone call.

S2|E10: Go Be Free
Mark sends a letter to Bonnie. Ellen moves into a new place. Karen comes home. Ellen releases a mouse.