Day 9

Day 9: Large Marge Sent Us | Disgraceland

Large Marge Sent Us
Emily (Sweetie) and Andre (Sweetie), two ‘Sweetie Sisters’ talk about their favorite flicks from childhood!

Disgraceland is the world’s first and only rock and roll true-crime podcast. Each episode explores a different theme through the perspective of the legendary misdeeds and alleged criminal connections of the most notorious and beloved rock stars. Season 1 starts with the exploits of Jerry Lee Lewis, Beck, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls and those legendary heathens, The Rolling Stones. We finish our season with episodes on crimes surrounding the likes of Johnny Cash, Per Ohlin, The Clash and maybe even the freshly disgraced, R. Kelly. Our first season is a limited, bi-weekly, eight episode run spanning September 12 – November 14th. We will return with season two in February, 2018.

Large Marge Sent Us: A League of Their Own

large marge

Move over Field of Dreams…..A League of Their Own is the best damn baseball movie EVER. We’ll bet all of our Rockford Peach baseball cards! ALoTO, from 1992 and directed by Penny Marshall chronicles the history of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, a time from 1943 to 1954 when WOMEN played BASEBALL professionally because all of the men were at war! This movie will make you laugh, cry, hug your sister, and reminds you how awesome Tom Hanks and Gena Davis are. We’ve seen this movie 1000 times with (or without sound) and love it so. Come on and listen to us do fine renditions of “We’re the members of the All American League…” and “This Used to be Be My Playground”, discuss if Dottie dropped the ball on purpose or just had a really bad day, which Rockford Peach we like the most, and how the big band soundtrack and women kicking baseball butt in several montages gives us the internal goosebumps just like when we saw Wonder Woman! PS We kept calling the pitcher Ellen Sue, Sue Ellen because we’re both still on a high from our Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter is Dead episode.
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“Ben: This episode was a great introduction to a podcast that really speaks to me: being a child of the 80s myself these are the same films that I grew up with and have extremely fond memories of. Sweety and Sweetie have a great chemistry and give a good recap of the movie before going into what I thought was quite an interesting analysis of the film, particularly when discussing the role of women both at the time the movie is set and in present day. I totally got teary as they talked about some of the more emotional moments in the movie (which I love) too, now I want to watch it again! Also the Paxton/Pullman mini-game is hilarious.
Trevor: I concur.”
-Bit Storm

“Two sisters review the movie A League Of Their Own. There are clips of the show for context, they sing together at times, and shout out quotes. It’s a tight conversation that only comes from a good relationship, a love of the medium, and a love for each other.”
-Nobody Asked For This

“It is great to listen to ladies who love 80s and 90s movies as much as I do. The “sweetie Moments” are so, well, sweet, and I am always relieved to discover I am not the only one who spontaneously breaks out into song. Nostalgia, songs, and well-placed audio clips collide on Large Marge. So yourself a favor and listen now.”
-Chicks With Flicks



The night before Jerry Lee Lewis’ 5th wife died, she made a phone call to her Mom. She told her that she was thinking of leaving the rock and roll pioneer, but that he wouldn’t let her. Then, she made a second call—this one to the sister of her high-school sweetheart, making plans for the sister to come take her away from Jerry Lee later that month. Then… in mid-sentence the phone went dead. The next day, Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis was found dead. Neatly placed on top of a perfectly made bed in the newlywed couple’s guest room. Despite the bruises on her body, the blood under her fingernails, the scratches on her husband’s hands, and the mountain of other physical and anecdotal evidence, the death was ruled an accident. Did Jerry Lee Lewis kill his wife and get away with murder? Creep on our first episode to find out. Coming September 12, 2017.
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“In a world of true crime podcast this is the one I’m looking forward to the most. Dive deep into the underbelly of your favorite recording artists and investigate the mysteries that are still unsolved. The host’s, Jake Brennan, love for music is overwhelmingly obvious and the amount of research he has done is stunning. This podcast is posed to be the next big thing.”
-Transmissions from the Darkside