Day 8

Day 8: Bit Storm | Harry Potter Revisited

Bit Storm
A comedy game design podcast by two guys who know nothing about comedy nor game design.

Harry Potter Revisited
Two 20 somethings go through Harry Potter, discussing each chapter and making inappropriate jokes.

Bit Storm: Spike Strypp and Axyl Grease


Get your popcorn ready and switch off your mobile phones, cos Ben and Trevor are going to the movies. They warm up with some Click Pitch and then dive into some movie tie in games. The games include the children of Robin Hood and Little John on opposite sides of the law, a VR game based within the Anchorman universe and a creaky game about living as a house.
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“An incredibly fun podcast that’s focused on game design by making a game of it. The hosts, Ben and Trevor, play different games to give them suggestions for a title of an unmade game. With the title only it’s up to them to figure out what the games is about. They comradery of the hosts is apparent and the pacing of the show is great. I really like that the hosts know when an idea is working and when they should move on to the next idea. I would love to see some of these games come to life.”
-Transmissions from the Darkside

“Not your average video game pod, as the hosts, instead of reviewing games, make up their own on the fly! Using random word generators and dreaming up games for movies that have no business having a game adaption, i enjoyed the passion and the fact that they know their games and technology! Improv meets gaming!”
-The Jock and Nerd

“This is a podcast that hits a very sweet spot with me. I am a gamer and also work in the industry, and I love the idea of rapid fire game design that Bit Storm brings. They do fun improv games with randomized elements and use those to inspire on the spot game designs. Some are fully fledged game and others more of a mechanic but you can see where it would fit in the bigger picture. They preface themselves with not being “game designers” but I’m going to disagree. To be a game designer you must design games, and they do a fine job of being fun, funny, creative, and a pair of game designers.”
-Wild Pitch

Harry Potter Revisited: Book 1 chapter 5.1: Welcome to Diagon Alley
harry potter


Kim and Felicia discuss the difference between trolls and goblins, stranding the Dursleys on a rock, compare Kim to Hagrid, and Kim tries (and fails) to do a British accent.
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“Attention all Potterheads — or those who are too lazy to read and prefer Sparknotes versions! This light-hearted but remarkably in-depth revisiting of the Harry Potter series might be just what you’re looking for. The hosts meticulously break down each chapter (a fun trip down memory lane for those who’ve read the books before) while also asking hard questions like: Do wizards have strip clubs? Does money at Gringotts accrue interest? Why is Hagrid have such a big mouth? A must listen.”
-Russia House

“A few years ago I did my own reread of HP, and I am so excited to listen to a Pod reread. These ladies bring up things I missed or hadn’t thought about (how did the Dursleys get home?). All jokes and prodding is done with love and care, so fellow Potter Fans, don’t hesitate and subscribe!”
-Chicks With Flicks