Day 7

Day 7: Holler! | Mens Rea

Holler! is an improv comedy group from Southern California doing their first podcast a conversational comedy pod that blends pop culture, dark humor & unique perspectives to tackle all the unimportant issues of the world.

Mens Rea
A True Crime podcast focusing on lesser known crimes in Ireland and the UK, and the court cases that followed in their wake.

Holler!: Eff Chuck Klosterman


On this episode the gang takes on the card game: Hypertheticals by Chuck Klosterman; while unimpressed with the game, hilarious hi jinks unfold including: amateur casting, dream theory & conspiracy theories.
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“Holler! is a weekly podcast featuring an improv Comedy team that tackles a different subject every week. In this episode, the gang tries out the game Hypertheticals, created by none other than famed author Chuck Klosterman and hilarity ensues. It’s a game of ridiculous “what-ifs” and the Holler! guys have as much fun making fun of the questions as they do answering them. Some of the “Hypertheticals” that the guys have to answer include movies being made about your life and a fictional “Dream VCR” that records your dreams. The podcast is a fun entry into a growing genre of “hangout pods”. These are comedians that are essentially letting us in on the same conversations they’d be having if the mics were off. In true improv fashion, everything is off-the-cuff which makes it even more enjoyable than scripted comedy in some instances.”
-The Songwriter’s Roundtable

“Have you ever wished you were friends with a group of smart, self-deprecating improv comedians? Holler!’s flexible format allows its’ hosts to have fun, tell stories, and tease each other while covering different topics. In this episode, the gang plays a card game Hypotheticals where they provide silly answers to strange questions.”

“Four white male improvisers riff off of random musings. Who would you cast as you in a movie? From where would you eat meat? Is Bane actually Skeletor? The groups rapport is super comfortable, and you’ll feel that you’re just sitting in the room with them, drinking a beer, and being completely ignored when you try to chime in. Unfortunately, they can’t hear you… but they will talk to you on their Facebook page”
-Nobody Asked For This

Mens Rea: Rachel O’Reilly
mens rea


Rachel was a young, happy go lucky mother of two. Everything about her life in suburban Dublin seemed perfect, until she was found dead in her home by her mother. Her parents and husband went on national television to appeal for information about her death, all the while the police forced were zeroing in on their suspect. Her husband. We examine the events that led to the arrest of Joe O’Reilly following the death of his wife, and the sensationalised court case that followed.
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“Mens Rea has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts due to the stellar storytelling by the host, Sinead. Sinead does a remarkable job of laying out the story of Rachel O’Reilly. As the story goes on you learn more and more about Rachel and the details surrounding her life, so much so that you feel more and more like Rachel is a friend, and not a stranger you are hearing about. Sinead gives details you won’t find other places, and her commitment to getting these details is what sets her podcast apart from others. Do yourself a favor and check out Mens Rea podcast!”
-Moms and Murder

“Sinead is a great storyteller. I’m a big true crime fan and was not familiar with the case. Her podcast does a great job of telling the story of more obscure crimes. She treats Rachel’s story with the compassion it deserves.”
-We’re All Just Pretending

“I really enjoyed this podcast. It’s well written and researched. I found this episode to be thorough and easy to listen to. I enjoy the hosts voice and reporting style. I was already subbed to this podcast and will continue to listen to each and every episode.”