Day 6

Day 6: Don’t Act Your Age | Transmissions from the Darkside

Don’t Act Your Age
Adventures In Aging — For people 50+ and anybody who hopes to be.

Transmissions from the Darkside
A podcast reviewing all four seasons, in order, of the iconic 80s horror anthology show Tales from the Darkside. Hosted by Jen Hansen, Matt Rose, and Matt Naas.

Don’t Act Your Age: Crash Landing


A 60-something woman trying to hold a relationship together. A crisis at 8,000 feet. A certain bodily fluid. It’s like a whole season of a TV drama in one short and sweet episode.
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“Great production on this show! NPR-worthy! Great podcast for the boomer generation and this episode has a story that made me exclaim “Whaaaaat! Holy Crap!” out loud while listening. I’ve always said everyone you meet has a fascinating story, and DAYA delivers just that! Short and to the point episodes! Loved it!”
-The Jock and The Nerd

“Crash Landing is a completely enthralling tale of love and loss. Told through an interview, it feels personal and intimate. it depicts real feelings through a relatable subject. Highly recommend this episode.”
-The Dad Zone

“Don’t Act your age is a perfect reminder that getting older doesn’t mean your life gets less interesting. The host sounds like your perfect movie announcer who tackles stories big and small and I love the sound production. In this episode, hear about a narrowly avoided disaster and the relationship between those involved.”

Transmissions from the Darkside: Ursa Minor


Did you know that Ursa was Latin for Bear? If not, YOU HAVE NOT LIVED and you have not lived until you heard Jen, Matt, and Matt explain the ins and outs of Pitfall Harry, the confectionery goodness of a Zagnut, and why we aren’t messing around with those bears. ENTER IF YOU DARE!!!
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“The three hosts from Transmissions from the Dark Side create an excellent atmosphere. They are funny and engaging, and bring you through the episodes in the most entertaining manner, with hilarious tangents. Their production values and audio quality are great. It is a must for any fan of the show!”
-Mens Rea

“Starting with a fantastic intro tune, Matt, Jen, and Matt host their show with some of the most genuine conversation that you would typically hear in
top of the line podcasts! They have a great sense of humor and you can jump in on any episode and feel right at home. Their laughter is contagious and I felt right
at home listening to their show. I need to start watching Tales from the Dark Side so I can be more in on the jokes! Also their candy knowledge in this episode is beyond respectable! Highly recommend!!”
-American Gods Cast

“Transmissions from the Darkside is a wonderfully fun walkthrough of the show “Tales from the Darkside”. The hosts chemistry is palpable and their tangents are hysterical. Their use of music throughout makes you feel really immersed in the conversation. If you love “Tales from the Darkside” you’ll love this podcast!
-Harry Potter Revisited