Day 5

Day 5: The Songwriter’s Roundtable | Russia House

The Songwriter’s Roundtable
We interview up and coming songwriters about life in music and life in general. We play a couple games to have some fun and of course we can’t let talented folks leave without playing us a few songs before they go.

Russia House
In Russia, the best stories are true. From history to mystery, quirky culture to famous biographies, we share the best stories from Russia and the former USSR.

The Songwriter’s Roundtable: Adam Mac


If you have to start somewhere, start at the top. Episode 01 features Adam Mac, one of the best vocalists we know and an absolute blast to talk to. The highlight of the episode is definitely our take on a version of “Musical Impressions”.
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“The Songwriter’s Roundtable is a fun conversational podcast that delves into the songwriting process with a different Nashville musician every episode. Austin and Kayla, the hosts, invite a songwriter onto the show and talk about their process, funny stories, play some fun games, and let the artist perform a few songs for the listeners. It’s a great way to sample new music and hear the artists’ perspectives on the creative process. It’s a window into the musical world that you don’t often get as a listener.”
-Podcast Brunch Club

“This podcast is a great look into a culture, and music scene you would know nothing about without being from the area. It’s fascinating to listen to songwriters talk about their influences and their creative process. Listening to the podcast gives you a different appreciation for the music you listen to… when you’re not listening to podcasts like Songwriter’s Roundtable.”
-Holler! Presents

Russia House: Send In The Swans
russia house


When Russians hear this music, it’s time to panic.
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“I was immediately in when the theme song started playing. This podcast is extremely informative and interesting. The production quality is professional grade and the narrators voice is very calming and pleasant. The information you learn in this podcast is not your average Russian history and that’s a large part of why it’s so worth listening to!”
-Harry Potter Revisited

“Love the intro and the host is incredibly charming right off the bat (she says, “If you love us, we’re blushing”). I always love finding another storytelling podcast and the host has not only a beautiful voice but an incredibly engaging style. “Send in the Swans” I enjoyed not only for the incredibly interesting history but the musical accompaniment as well.”
-The Dirty Bits

“Even if you never thought that you would be interested in Russian history, you should definitely give the Russia House Podcast a listen. It combines stellar writing with some truly captivating storytelling, and this episode’s well placed use of Tchaikovsky sound bites further heightened our aural enjoyment. This podcast offers the best kind of history lesson, one that thoroughly engrosses the listener with its narrative so that they cannot help but have fun while learning. Russia House is a house that we will surely be returning to on a regular basis.
-Sects Ed