Day 30

Day 30: Podcast Playlist | Unwritten

Podcast Playlist
A podcast about podcasts and which are great.

We are an unabashedly feminist fiction podcast that follows two female leads through the trials of life. While we strive to entertain and keep our listeners laughing and on the edge of their seats, we also confront important social issues around mental illness, sexual assault, and LGBTQ+. In season 1, listeners dive deep into Elaine’s psyche, fall in love with her bestie Chelsea, and uncover the Acrobat.

Podcast Playlist: S-Town – Overview and Review


An audio review of S-Town, in multiple parts.
More episodes of note: Intercepted | Can He Do That?

“At the outset I though that S-Town, being as famous as it is, didn’t need yet another review. But Brendan’s diligence with the review process proved me wrong. In just a compact 18 minutes Brendan aptly guides us through S-Town, both structurally and emotionally.”
-She’s In Russia

“A well produced podcast that showcases other popular podcasts. This episode on S-Town provided a good overview of what the series is about without spoiling any of the content. Brendan does a great job of covering the themes of the series, the choice of music and breaks down all the words the “S” in S-Town might refer to. This episode helped me decide if S-Town is the kind of series I would enjoy listening to and I can see how other episodes of Brendan’s would provide a good introduction to or recap of certain podcasts.”
-The Journey

Unwritten: A Way You’ll Never Be


Start at the beginning of Unwritten Season 1. The episode is bookended with a mystery that will be followed throughout Season 1. Join Elaine, Chelsea, and a famous American writer as they attend LGBTQ+ events.
More episodes of note: The Psychology of Everyday Life | The Acrobat

“Wow, a very, very interesting podcast. I’m a big fan of audiobooks so I really liked this, and having different voice actors doing the different characters is excellent, gives a great theatrical element to the podcast. The musical parts and special effects really brought the story to life as well and I was hooked from the beginning.
I don’t want to give too much away about the story but it’s very interesting, it moves along at a nice space and really puts you right in the middle of it. I’ve just seen that season 2 is almost ready so I’m going to binge on the rest of season 1 and wait eagerly for the next installments.”
-The Comedy Cast