Day 29

Day 29: For Keeps | Edquiring Minds

For Keeps
Cast-off homemade cassette tapes, celebrities’ old typewriters, Barry Manilow memorabilia — people collect all kinds of interesting and unusual things, and the podcast “For Keeps” collects the stories of these passionate (and sometimes record-setting) collectors. Each show features an in-depth yet lighthearted conversation with a collector and their stash. Collectors make the world a little more interesting — and “For Keeps” happily, and humorously, shares their quirky stories.

Edquiring Minds
Fresh from being fired by a prestigious, worldwide news organisation, Stephen Edwards is on the comeback trail. He’s got a podcast, some interesting guests, and a whole lot of ambition. This is a very unstable mixture, it turns out.

For Keeps: Steve Soboroff, Collector of Celebrities’ Typewriters

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Steve Soboroff discusses his growing collection of typewriters once owned by some of the 20th century’s biggest historical figures — including John Lennon, Joe DiMaggio, and Ted “The Unabomber” Kaczynski.
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“For Keeps is one of the most unique podcasts I’ve encountered through #2PodsADay. It gives the listener a closer look into the lives of collectors. It’s both whimsical and fascinating; exploring how someone’s interest in a single item can evolve into an entire collection is incredibly interesting and strangely empathetic. I cannot recommend this quirky journey into the lives of collectors enough.”

Edquiring Minds: Lee Camp, Adrenaline Junkie


Lee Camp is a famed adrenaline junkie known for his increasingly outlandish attempts at thrill-seeking. Recently he suffered quite the embarrassing injury, one he is shy to discuss. But Stephen is a journalist and always uncovers the truth.
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This show was hilarious. I originally thought this was going to be a serious discussion but quickly realized that was not the case. What a great job parodying all the interview style podcasts. “Stephen Edwards” is an entertaining host and the jokes that have been written for this mock interview made me laugh out loud.”
-The Journey