Day 28

Day 28: Fish Nerds | The Comedy Cast

Fish Nerds
We talk about fish, fishing and eating fish. The show is Always Interesting, Usually Funny and Mostly True.

The Comedy Cast
I interview new and up-and-coming stand-up comedians from all over the English-speaking world.

Fish Nerds: Romance River Sharks Fishy Music Episode


We talk about how podcasts lead to love, lots of fishy music of course and in Fish in the News we talk about Australian River Sharks.
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“Clay and Kristen are a great team together. I know next to nothing about fishing, other than I could eat fish all day every day, but I’m always keen to learn about new things and the best way to do that is from people who are experts in their field.
Clay and Kristen are a husband and wife team so there’s lots of good cheer between them and that’s really infectious, I was smiling at their playfulness throughout the podcast. The music element is great too, I had no idea there were so many songs about fish out there!”
-The Comedy Cast

“I don’t normally have much of an interest in fishing but this podcast was actually really entertaining! The host was engaging and hilarious and I learned a lot about fish as well. The segment with the guy doing the cooking was a fun addition that I could see listeners coming back for each episode. The multiple characters across the different segments of this show allow one to stay engaged even over the course of an hour.”
-The Journey

The Comedy Cast: American Comedian Liam Breunle


I interviewed a hotly-tipped American stand-up comedian Liam Breunle. Liam was adopted from an Irish mother as a child, he suffered terrible abuse as a kid, but put that all behind him when he became a professional wrestler in the WWF (now WWE). After leaving wrestling he opened some gyms but things started to go wrong, he ended up in jail, following serving his time he became an enforcer for the Italian mafia. A few years later he was framed for murder by the cops and spent many years in prison while awaiting trial, on being released he decided to make a career in stand-up comedian.
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“The Comedy Cast celebrates comedy by highlighting those pursuing it: new and up-and-coming comedians. They do an extraordinary job of honoring diversity in a genre that often reveres most straight, white men. It’s a refreshing take on comedy that is equal parts funny and fascinating.”