Day 26

Day 26: Guilty Podcast | Anachronismo!

Guilty Podcast
Colin, a recent law school graduate who is preparing to sit for the bar exam, tells a story about a criminal based on a particular theme. The legal aspects, if there are any, are also explored After that, Colin is joined by long time friend David, a licensed professional counselor, to discuss the mental make up of the criminal. The show focuses on discovering the “why”, behind the who, what, when, and where.

Every episode, our hosts bring in three little-known historical stories and then make jokes about them and each other. We end with a historical mash-up as we ask “What if they met?”

Guilty Podcast: Stephen Mark McDaniel


During the early morning hours of June 26, 2011, Stephen McDaniel snuck into the apartment of aspiring attorney Lauren Giddings and murdered her. He then dismembered her body in an attempt to hide his crime. Several years later, he would be forced to plead guilty to murder and is now serving a life sentence in Georgia. Join Colin in part 1 to learn more about this monster and his horrible crime.
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“Colin and David make a great team. Both hosts are articulate, knowledgeable and engaging. Colin does an excellent job of laying out the details of the crime in Part 1 and then David helps to get into a deeper analysis in Part 2 by adding his perspective as a counselor to look at the psychology behind the murderer’s motivations and behaviors. In this episode, the way they outlined pedophilic tendencies definitely added a level of interest to their examination of Stephen Mark McDaniel.”
-Decomposition Podcast

“Really in depth research and detailed cases. We enjoyed how he joined the dots on the kids background, linking the events that led him to his crimes and commenting how he develops as a person and criminal. We enjoyed listening to him commenting on his law school experience and relating it to the case – insider knowledge for the win.”
-Nothing Rhymes With Murder

Anachronismo!: Smithsonian, Diamond Necklace Affair, Water Poet


This week, guest host David Fouhy joins us to talk about the Diamond Necklace Affair- a sordid tale about a major event that led to the French Revolution as we know it. We also talk about the enigmatic James Smithsen, whose will and testament led to the founding of the Smithsonian institute, and about John Taylor, the Water Poet – a London bargeman who styled himself poet laureate.
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“Anachronismo! is a history podcast in which a couple of pals get together and discuss cool history topics. While the idea of a history podcast can seem a bit off-putting, Anachronismo! takes particular stories and parts of history that are already interesting and add a humor and liveliness to it that make the podcast engaging and enjoyable. After listening, I felt both entertained and that same sense of self-satisfaction that you get after watching a discovery channel documentary from start to finish, or buying something from an office supply store. In episode 11, Smithsonian, Diamond Necklace Affair, Water Poet, the cast and crew, along with guest host David Fouhy, discuss the topics outlined in the title of the episode. More specifically, they discuss how the Smithsonian came to be, an affair with a very expensive diamond necklace and some royalty that really didn’t want it, and the many exciting adventures of a man with the title water poet. With each story, they expand upon the historical facts with interesting interjections of hypothetical questions, personal opinion, and jokes that keeps the podcast at least somewhat animated and always interesting. The cast as a whole has an overall charismatic attitude and humor to keep the listener engaged while not underplaying the factual and educational quality the topics themselves provide. It’s easy to tell that the cast of Anachronismo! genuinely enjoy history just as much as they enjoy sharing it, and that quality keeps you as interested as they are in each of the topics. In addition to this, throughout the roughly 1 hour and 25 minute episode, with each topic they could start a string of jokes that they would be able to call back on at just the right time. With this quality in their sense of humor, on top of their ability to tell their chosen history in a way that was both interesting and entertaining, this episode had me laughing all the way through.”
-Happy Trail Mix

“The combination of random stories in history and comedy never disappoints. Well, learning that rivers either are or were mostly poop isn’t the most comforting thing to learn, but the stories are ridiculous and fun. This group is super fun and very knowledgeable. If you’re looking for a podcast with funny/random stories from history and a funny crew then look no further.”
-Techquila Podcast

“Anachronismo! is a great, super-friendly discussion of historical events. A few things make this show stand out from other history podcasts I’ve heard: 1) rather than big themes or era-long events, the hosts choose a few fun, obscure stories to explain, and 2) they goof super hard on them. I love friends laughing about things they love, and Anachronismo! definitely fits the bill. I particularly loved learning about the origins of the Smithsonian, which I knew absolutely nothing about. Sometimes the storytelling and goofing are a little bit unfocused, and there are a few long-ish silences, but overall the show is really well done and fun. Plus, John C. Calhoun IS a total douchebag, so I’ll give 5 stars for that alone. What If They Met? theme song is incredible.”
-Trends In Low Places