Day 25

Day 25: Small Batch News | Happy Trail Mix

Small Batch News
Un-Trump your daily news. Stories from around the world, and the occasional pun, all in under 10 minutes.

Happy Trail Mix
Happy Trail Mix serves up a deliciously offensive bowl of weird news and opinions every Sunday. Our 30 minute episodes are filled to the brim with words and satire not for the faint of heart. It’s all in good fun! Black comedy is what we deliver best. The podcast has gone through a few changes for the year its been going, but is still rather unknown for a show that has been running for so long. Even though we haven’t attained much of a viewership yet, we continue to make episodes because it is such a fun pastime. The show currently has four main hosts: Alan, Lockhrin, Obscur and Michaela. The format of the show is rather loose, with us basically shooting-the-s*** while talking about current events, and our opinions on the hottest matters. Hope you enjoy our delectable podcast!

Small Batch News: The Fresh Prince of Belgium


What we can learn from an embarrassing Belgian Prince can teach us about the US.
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“Five minutes of news and not one mention of Donald Trump. High praises! But, it doesn’t sound like Belgium is getting any rest on their side of the world either. The episodes are easily digestible and very entertaining without sounding like sensationalized sound bites. Definitely the BBC of podcasts for folks On-The-Go.”
-Here For It

“Episode begins with a brief news recap of interesting and under-reported current events—a butter shortage in Europe? Who knew! The host does a great job introducing the country of Belgium and its gaffe-prone Prince Laurent who seems to get in trouble at every turn. Entertaining, light hearted and little known news stories all under 6 minutes.”
-ExPat Sandwich

“For those with short attention spans, Rob Snyder offers bites of news to pair with breakfast, or really whenever. That’s the benefit of any short program. Beyond brevity, Snyder’s unassuming humor presents an update of current events, in this case about Belgium’s black sheep.”
-Ferguson Voices

Happy Trail Mix: Soggy Biscuit, Icky Cookie, Toast & Frosty The Snowman


Soggy Biscuit, Icky Cookie, Toast & Frosty The Snowman Man sauce and splooshy feminine lemonade are discussed in…in…god, i gagged writing that. We also argue over the true superior Mexican fast food restaurant.
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“The chemistry in this show is unquestioned. This group of friends gets along really well and you can feel it through their mics. Speaking of, they have excellent audio and sound quality. A very well put together production. I wasn’t totally sure what this episode was about, but I was intrigued to listen to more!”
-Take Too

“I really enjoyed the frankness of the conversations they had on this show, ranging from the mundane to the crass. They all seem very comfortable with each other and share a lot of inside jokes. I thought their debate between Moe’s vs Chipotle was pretty funny (even though I personally disagree – MOE’S ALL THE WAY), and their talk of the ridiculousness of the Taco Bell menu also gave me a good laugh. This show may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m sure it most definitely has its audience that can appreciate this type of humor.”
-Geekend Amazons

Do you miss hanging out with your best friends from college, talking shit and making jokes together? Listening to Happy Trail Mix will catapult you back in time. The hosts of this podcast are obviously super-close, and their familiarity with one another is reflected in their easy banter. If you like fast-moving, lighthearted conversations with a complete lack of boundaries, give yourself a nice big scoop of Happy Trail Mix.