Day 24

Day 24: ExPat Sandwich | Quotal Recall

ExPat Sandwich
Expat Sandwich features audio portraits of an eclectic range of American expats who share stories of the best, worst and oddest experiences of living abroad. We reveal lesser known cultural collisions such as the “American yes and the French no” (Episode 001) memorable language mishaps, and a few reality checks such as visas or the sometimes mind-boggling complications of simply getting internet installed. Then we pack in a little history for additional context. It’s an entertaining way to learn about other cultures through an American lens.

Quotal Recall
Quotal Recall is part movie quiz, part celebration of cult cinema. Each episode, the contestants are tested on their ability to recall and re-enact scenes from the selected movie.

ExPat Sandwich: Germany with


We catch up with anonymous blogger OGM — who posts hilarious observations of Germans, odd things his wife says, beer and food reviews and much more at, which has attracted a massive following. He’s from Portland. She’s from Niedersachson. They married 4 years ago and OGM dives headfirst into a new life in Hannover, Germany. What does he love most about Germany besides Blood Tongue? “I’m never bored. Ever.” — OGM
More episodes of note: Shanghai with Jilli Leonard | New Zealand with Mickey Smith

“The production on this episode, like all of Marty’s others, is pristine. Short in length, this episode provides a dense nugget of information, with the ridiculous OGM (the blogger behind reveling in anecdotes about his own german-language inadequacies and trying to eat traditional German food. It’s a pleasant listen.”
-She’s In Russia

“This podcast is one of the best produced audio shows I’ve heard, the music and speech is so nicely arranged and it’s really easy to listen to. The host, Marty Walker, has a really easy going and warm voice and keeps the stories pieced together really well. I subscribed to this podcast because I haven’t been to any of the places that have been featured but gained so much real life information from the guests that I knew I had to. The episode with was really funny and Episode 15 with Judson Moore was really insightful and Marty slipped in a really funny joke about a worldwide current event! I actually snorted out loud!”
-Young Free and Coupled

“Marty Walker draws out vignettes of a relationship and a country in 30 minutes. Focus on her voice and interviewer OGM’s quips and let the music and effects fade away. It’s a trip.”
-Ferguson Voices

Quotal Recall: Aliens


It’s Tom versus newcomers Farrell and Cookie as we tackle Aliens. Let’s just say that one of the contestants pulls out into an early lead, and then secures that s**t – not bad for a human. Well whoopy-f**king-do, I’m impressed. It’s game over man for the others. Game over! Maybe you haven’t been keeping up on current events, but they just got their asses kicked. They’re in some real pretty s**t now, man. They’re dog-meat, pal.
More episodes of note: The Big Lebowski | Wayne’s World

“If you love dry British wit, cult movies, and funny one liners, this podcast is probably right up your alley. The show is a fun look at movies that we love, and the host and guests are all clever and entertaining. The game-show-crossed-with-movie-appreciation format is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise crowded field and from the jokes to the production value, the show delivers on all fronts.”
-Your Fave Is Problematic

“Great podcast, the sound was fantastic; proper studio quality. There’s great chemistry between the lads as well and Ben as Quizmaster keeps everything on track throughout.
On this episode they tackle the classic James Cameron film, Aliens. It’s been years since I watched it but this podcast brought it all back to me. Great idea for a podcast and I’m looking forward to more in the future.”
-The Comedy Podcast