Day 23

Day 23: Take Too | Fact Up

Take Too
We give news and reviews on TV and Films. We are also branching out into more live shows and events as well interviews.

Fact Up
Fact Up! The weekly improvised character comedy podcast from Britain’s best improvisers & comedians. Join hosts Ian T Day (The Free Association), Chris Gau (C5’s Borderline) & Shaun Lowthian (Do Not Adjust Your Stage) as they fail to answer all of life’s questions, one topic at a time. In their fruitless quest for knowledge, they’re helped & hindered by guest ‘experts’ from the UK & US comedy scene. Who is Eddie Stobart? What is the point? Why is France? Find out and Fact Up!

Take Too: 13 Reasons Why with Amy Hargreaves


In this special episode we tackle 13 Reasons Why, including an interview with a member of the cast.
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“The gang do a fantastic job of surmising this show, I was with them all the way as they outlined the machinations of the story. After a while I wondered whether they were on Netflix’s payroll, as I was completely sold on the show! Good job guys.”
-Quotal Recall

“This podcast has a real friendly vibe, it feels as though you are sitting down with the hosts and you’re right there with them. As a lover of movies and Netflix shows I was hooked straight away and found myself actually laughing out loud within 10 minutes. The hosts are great interviewers and their 13 reasons why breakdown episode was really good and made me go back and watch the whole series so I could catch some of the intricacies that were discussed! The interview with Amy Hargreaves was informative and really easy to listen to, plus she gave the listeners real insights into the show that you won’t hear anywhere else!”
-Young Free and Coupled

Fact Up: Theatre (with Matt Jones)


Actor/Comedian Matt Jones from TV’s Breaking Bad joins the whole Fact Up team in the studio to discuss THEATRE. And not the BORING kind of theatre, but the exciting type with John Candy in it.
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“Fact Up is an improvisational comedy podcast not too unlike our own, except they actually seem to have direction each episode and are funny. With one main topic each episode and a spontaneous yet natural transition of talking points, all of the content comes at a faster pace than most other podcasts, keeping the show rolling with a consistent energy that keeps you engaged throughout. The main cast consists of three individuals with some varying experience in performance art, including acting, comedy writing, and long-form improv. I found myself laughing out loud almost for the entire duration of the episode, with the occasional embarrassing snort-laugh interspersed throughout.. In episode 15 – Theatre, they talk about commercials, movies, plays, and actors with guest Matt Jones from Breaking Bad and NCIS. They incorporate Matt Jones as more of an extra cast member, giving him plenty of attention as the guest while not making him the center of attention for the podcast, allowing him to interact as the rest of the cast would interact with each other. The show is well produced with fancy segment introduction music and sound effects, and the cast uses all the tools available to them, including each other, to bring you high quality theatre discussion. For example, what particularly impressed me was that they began a sort of skit discussing and exaggerating the life of Laurence Olivier, with one cast member acting as said actor, starting the joke towards the beginning of the episode, then continuing and expanding upon it as time goes on, drawing material from the bit itself. They’re like the podcast that this podcast wants to be when it grows up.”
-Happy Trail Mix

“”I’ve never listened to a podcast like this before, and I mean that in a good way. The improved nature of the comedy in this show is entertaining. And since it’s all improved, the show has a different flavor every single week.”
-TECKnical Foul

“If you love exceptional production, this podcast is for you! Great guests including Lord/Sir Lawrence Olivier, Matt Jones (from Breaking Bad and the famous live birth scene during a 1981 production of Jesus Christ Superstar), exceptional improve, vast knowledge with the use of cutting edge, voice-activated computer technology, it’s all here. I can’t say all my questions about theater have been answered but I can’t say they haven’t not been answered by this podcast.”
-American Unicorns