Day 22

Day 22: Young Free and Coupled | Trends In Low Places

Young Free and Coupled
Here at Young Free and Coupled we have a very unique outlook on everything. We take in information, apply our ‘realness’ filter, then converse in the most eloquent way possible to you guys! We have been married nearly 10 years, have four children (whom we homeschool), live in hustling and bustling London, and we love to talk. This podcast is our way of putting our unique views out into the world and staying off the beaten track of celebrity news and other fodder out there. That’s not to say we don’t discuss what everyone else is, just that we extract the hidden lessons and scenarios, and talk about the underlying issues they may provide us.

Trends In Low Places
Trends In Low Places is a comedic exploration of the hottest and dumbest trends of the day. Your intrepid hosts Mike and Michael – joined by friendly experts – explore social trending topics, current events and the modern era’s insatiable hunger for celebrity deaths. If you’re in desperate need for unqualified analysis of our world’s most pressing issues, these are the guys for you.

Young Free and Coupled: Listener Questions


Today we answer questions from our great listeners! Bedtime routines?,London bus driver rules, UK vs USA food sizes, and…. Are we in a famine?! Oh yeah and how ticklish is Issa?! Plus so much more as our conversations like to go off into the sunset, and then come back! Enjoy…
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“This show is really funny! Issa and Meika are a married couple who talk about the realism of domestic life. Their banter is familiar, and as a married person, I related a lot to them. They’re passionate about their subjects, and knowledgeable in their own way. I had a laugh whenever the kids interrupted. Some podcasts might edit that out, pretend it didn’t happen, but I think the choice to keep those interruptions in is very funny, and it adds to the authenticity of their show. I’m not a parent, but I would definitely listen to Issa and Meika tell it like it is any day!”
-Geekend Amazons

“Humorous, unedited banter provides a glimpse into a day in the life of British couple– Issa and Shemeika. I love that their three children walk in and interrupt their recording session at various times during the episode. Issa and Shemeika just roll with it and keep it real. In this episode they answer listener questions and cover the nuances of maneuvering daily life in London, such as the ins and outs of riding the bus in London, how to keep your children to stay in bed at night, UK vs USA food portions, Brexit, etc. As an American, I’m always fascinated by cultural differences, and of course, a total sucker for a British accent.”
-ExPat Sandwich

Trends In Low Places: Cocaine Poolboys


This week, we bring a special guest onto the show to explore the Cushing family’s brush with a notorious Florida drug queenpin, Michael’s eyes are opened to the deeply Christian nature of every 90s rock band, and Cush connects the dot on the highly sexual global conspiracy emanating from the Hundred Acre Wood. – The horrifying Bezos dog mill. [2:00] – These cookies are so good I can’t feel my face. [10:40] – Winnie the Pooh: Weibo hero, Illuminati member, and insatiable sexual deviant. [30:30] – Hey asteroids, let’s bring it on back. Finish the mission. [49:50] – Hater dater data. [54:50] – Blessings from Dr. Coppertone. [60:15] – Was there an owl? [64:50]
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Micheal Cushing and Micheal Howard have a great rapport, and their wit really shines when they focus on the topics and trends examined in each episode. When fueled by the details of whatever nonsense is currently going on, the jokes fly fast and thick. I found myself especially charmed by the visceral response that Mike had to photos of a frog wearing a hat. A great way to keep track of our crazy culture, and to laugh at it.

“Title of the podcast piqued my interest and once I tuned in, I enjoyed the banter between the hosts. Great production and interesting topics. They talk about current trends and have fun with it, which makes it fun for the listener.”
-TECKnical Foul

“These guys (and gal) are all over the place but they’re pretty hilarious. They’ve pretty much ruined Jimmy Eat World and Winnie the Pooh for me but at least I laughed my ass off. Also, learning about the Grass Mud Horse was super insightful and hilarious (Google it). I definitely recommend this cast for anyone looking for (or needing) and good laugh.”