Day 21

Day 21: She’s In Russia | TECKnical Foul

She’s In Russia
Since late 2013, the US and Russia have been engaged in a state of tension and information warfare, sometimes referred to as Cold War II. The recent US-based intrigue and investigation into the relationship between Putin, Trump and hacking has increased tensions to a fever pitch, most notably in the politics and media of the American Left. Cold War II represents and encourages some of humanity’s very worst tendencies – towards xenophobia, ignorance, falsity. On this podcast two best friends — one in St. Petersburg and the other in Brooklyn — call each other and talk about US-Russian politics and/or culture in an attempt to push back against the caricature and sensationalism that dominate the current discussion in mainstream Politics and Media.

TECKnical Foul
TECKnical Foul is the sports podcast that you never knew you needed! Every week Tim, Eric, Camille, and Ken get together and discuss the biggest sport stories of the past week. It’s a laid-back, humorous and authentic sports podcast. When you listen, it’ll feel like you’re talking about sports with friends at a BBQ.

She’s In Russia: Crimea, It Existed Before 2014

She's In Russia

Wait, was the annexation of Crimea illegal per international law? To answer this question, we start at the beginning — the 15th century, when Crimea was ruled by the ottoman empire and was the center for the Slavic slave trade — and end at present day. The Ukrainian crisis and the annexation of Crimea mark the beginning of the so-called Cold War II. On this week’s episode we answer the questions: What laws did the Russian government break in annexing Crimea? How do we balance the will of the Crimean people against opposing international legality? And how does Putin use rhetoric to re-interpret international precedents as emotional rather than legal? Also Smith asserts that there are only 4 types of people, much to Lily’s chagrin.
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“As we stand on the brink of a potential Cold War Part 2, She’s in Russia demystifies and gives interesting insight into modern Russian international relations. In this episode Lily and Smith debate Crimea’s relationship with Moscow and beyond in a relatable, none intimidating way. They also take on the modern condition, calling out everyone on their bullshit, including each other.”

“In a time where US/Russia relations are shaky, it’s important to feel more well-informed. The hosts referred to their show as “basic bitch history”, which is hilarious, but I feel it is anything but basic. I listened to the episode on Crimea, and was surprised with how truly little I knew about it. The way the information I got from She’s In Russia made it easily digestible. It reminded me of Stuff You Missed in History Class, because let’s face it – our education system here in the US really does gloss over a lot of foreign history. I am looking forward to listening to more She’s In Russia in the future.”
-Geekend Amazons

“Humorous banter between hosts Smith Freeman and Olivia Capozzalo. Both young and American, Smith lives in Brooklyn while Olivia has lived in St. Petersburg for the past 3 years. Capozzalo works at a cryptocurrency company, and has particularly good takes when it comes to young liberal Russians, Russian corporate culture, and Russia’s political responses to America. This episode is all about Crimea—history, forced deportations, Nazi occupation and collaboration, pre and post Soviet rule, current civil unrest, etc. These ladies keep it fun, interesting and educational.”
-ExPat Sandwich

TECKnical Foul: Chest Body


The crew kept it mellow this week while discussing Zeke’s NFL suspension, more NFL athletes sitting for the national anthem, the NBA schedule release, what’s happening with D. Wade and LeBron, Giancarlo Stanton’s HR streak, WWE Summerslam and more. Blow The Whistle Victims: ESPN and Lonzo Ball; #TECKTop5: Best wrestling finishing moves.
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“TECKnical Foul is a podcast that centers around sports, and because none of us at Happy Trail Mix are particularly into sports, we weren’t sure we’d be the target audience. However even with that in mind, TECKnical Foul has a great cast of people with a chemistry that makes it enjoyable to listen to, so even when a majority of the topics weren’t understood for us, the show was still genuinely enjoyable throughout. In the episode Chest Body, they do discuss sports topics for which I could never claim to understand, however I can absolutely relate to their disdain of the NFL as an organization. Regardless of whatever the cast discussed, I found myself interested in what they had to say and very much enjoyed listening to the full episode, as well as just listening to the cast cut up in general. Many of the topics included either talk on points that were relatable in general or were provided enough context to get their jokes. Considering that the podcast was fun to listen to with minimal understanding, anyone invested in any sport will likely enjoy this show even more. The topics in only this one episode spanned across multiple sports, including football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and others, so regardless of which game you follow, this podcast will have something for anyone with an interest in the topics at hand. In addition to this, they do seem to have a full understanding of all of the sports discussed, so expect detailed discussion from people that know what they’re talking about.”
-Happy Trail Mix

“A great podcast for current events in sports. TECKnical Foul is comprised of four members who provide a lot of variety in terms of personality. That many casters could be overwhelming, but they handle it deftly. Additionally, they discuss opinions and stories rather than simply sharing what’s happening. They have great senses of humor, too, which I find essential in most podcasts. Listen to this one if you want a fun edge to your sporting news.”
-BSP: The Idio[t]syncrasy Files