Day 20

Day 20: Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame | Here For It

Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame
Based on interviews conducted in Ferguson and St. Louis by a team of college students, this limited series podcast seeks to expand the narrative surrounding Ferguson by foregrounding the experiences and voices of people who were there. Across five episodes, listeners will meet 20 individuals whose perspectives will challenge the binaries and presumptions that make Ferguson such a polarizing event.

Here For It
Colorful commentary on LGBT Health & Wellness with sex specialist @TheeSupaman and culture blogger @RonaldMatters. #HereForItHive

Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame: The “Real” Ferguson


In their first episode in a series to discover what exactly happened in Ferguson during the first hundred days following the shooting of Michael Brown, the Moral Courage Project Team immerses themselves in the community to find the “real” Ferguson. What they find might surprise even the most engaged: farmer’s markets, wine bars, movie theatres, diversity, quiet.
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“This is an excellent subject and wonderful way to expose the reality of issues in our country. The show has excellent production value and narration. It is also balanced and presents a well rounded view of the area and circumstances.”
-Guilty Podcast

“It’s interesting to hear how Tony Rice was vocally nervous during set up but held such strong conviction about his opinions during the taping. It seems like a documentary-style show that allows the people in the region to tell their own story, which is beautiful. We need more of this. Definitely would be interested in the Footnotes.”
-Here For It

“This is a beautifully crafted podcast where residents share their own perspective about living in Ferguson before and after the shooting of Michael Brown. It is compelling to hear the different experiences about living in the same place. I’m enjoying it and look forward to continuing.”
-Happily Ever Aftermath

Here For It: Are You My Man?


Bro jobs is the new black, the new nasty, or just gay? Plus, R. Kelly what you doing, what you doing?
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“If you’re looking for frank and fun conversation about LGBT issues, sex, and race this podcast is a great place to start! The hosts speak with great knowledge and conviction on the topics and do an excellent job keeping it serious when they needs to, and funny when the moment arises. These guys don’t hold back, and it’s absolutely a delight.”
-Your Fave Is Problematic

“First off, a disclosure: I am a straight white man interested in learning more about LGBTQ issues and how I can better support the community. The hosts obviously have a great rapport, and they do a great job of keeping the discussion fun while tackling some more serious issues, including being LGBTQ in Trump’s America, and how interracial couples of all types are viewed differently in different cultures. The inconsistent audio levels made it a little difficult to listen in a noisy place like the train, and the conversation sometimes jumped around a bit too quickly, but I learned a lot from the episode I heard and I look forward to learning more.”
-Trends In Low Places

“It is great to find a show highlighting LGBT health and wellness issues and stories. The two hosts are a dynamic pair and do not pull their punches as they treat you to lively commentary on recent events. Be warned before you enjoy: their playful banter uses the full spectrum of language.”
-Happily Ever Aftermath