Day 19

Day 19: Nothing Rhymes With Murder | Techquila

Nothing Rhymes With Murder
Join Kate + Georgie on a global journey of MURDER. Every week a new country and true crime gem as well as fun hotspots to visit. Remember kids, life is a journey, don’t let murder stop you! ✈️ 🌎 🔪

Techquila is podcast where we talk about tech and take a shot of tequila every ten minutes! We try to keep the podcast to around an hour but sometimes go over or under. We cover a wide range of topics from consumer electronics, to developing technologies, science research, entertainment, business, etc. (seriously it’s pretty wide-ranging). We do the main episodes every two weeks but we sometimes shorter “Sober Thoughts” editions to fill the time (and to go easier on our livers). Lately we’ve been off-air for a couple weeks because my father passed away over 2 weeks ago. We plan on doing the next episode on Sept. 9th and getting back into the regular schedule.

Nothing Rhymes With Murder: Australia: The Backpacker Killer & The Case of Katherine Knight


G’day! Join us in amazing Australia this week. Kate leads us through the Belanglo forest hot on the trail of the Backpacker Murderer; Ivan Milat. Then we’re off to the small town of Aberdeen, New South Wales so Georgie can terrify us with the tale of Katherine Knight. If you want to hear about hunting humans, dismembering husbands and one of the worst things to ever assault our ears, give us a listen.
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“The hosts are very fun and energetic while presenting interesting cases. They are well researched and put together. The ladies are able to balance comedy with gravity in their episodes, which is hard to do.”
-Guilty Podcast

“The episode gets off to a bit of an unfocused start – Kate and Georgie themselves fill listeners in on their hangovers from a wild night the day before – but once they hit their stride, the stories of the murders they are addressing are definitely compelling. I like that Kate and Georgie each tell the story of a murder during the episode, especially since you get to hear the other host’s real time reaction to the story being told. Organizing their episodes by choosing true crimes that take place in a specific location is also an interesting choice, and I enjoyed that they highlighted places to actually visit in Australia after telling listeners about truly horrific crimes that had happened there. Way to remind us that Australia is still a great place to go!”
-Decomposition Podcast

“Laid back, conversational true crime with Georgie and Kate. This charming duo fly their listeners to Australia in this installment of their whistle stop murder tour of the globe and wrestle with the Backpacker killer and the chilling Katherine Knight case. The narrative of the cases is well told and they are full of questions, laughs and speculations to keep you on the edge of your seat.”

Techquila: Seven Tweeter Array


In this episode I learn that transitioning from hoisin sauce to shots is not advisable. We talk about Apple’s WWDC conference, Samurai Jack, Legend of Zelda, and other topics.
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“These guys really know their tech stuff! Even if you aren’t a “tech-nerd” you’ll still enjoys this podcast. These guys discuss different tech products while taking a tequila shot every 10 minutes. Not only are they informative, they are funny too. Who ever thought technology and tequila could go together? These guys prove that it’s a good and hilarious mix!”
-BSP: The Idio(t)syncrasy Files

“I’ve never heard of a show where they’re actively taking planned shots throughout the show; it adds a hilarious layer to the content of the pod. There is a lot of funny but most importantly, natural conversation which is extremely engaging. All in all, enjoyed the show and will tune in weekly.”
-TECKnical Foul

“Taking shots on air every 10 minutes is such a brilliant idea I wish I had thought of it. Despite being dead-wrong about the Doritos Locos Taco, Techquila is a fun walk through weekly tech stories. I really appreciated the respectful discussion, and the hosts clearly do a good bit of research on the stories they choose, rather than just doing surface-level analysis of tech news. The two guys – admitted camera nerds – DID get a little bogged down talking technical minutiae about camera focal points while Nina kinda fell out of the conversation for a bit, but overall it’s a fun show. It might be fun to branch into funnier stories as the show goes on to let the hosts take advantage of their multiple shots as the show ends. Other than some occasionally aimless side-discussions, the production and conversation here are really great. Also, Trader Joe’s gin…your poor tummy.”
-Trends In Low Places