Day 18

Day 18: Your Fave Is Problematic | Geekend Amazons

Your Fave Is Problematic
Two friends unpack their favorite tv shows, movie, and pop culture and discuss their issues related to gender, race, sexuality and other social justice issues. At the end, we render a verdict on if we still love them or if they’re just too problematic.

Geekend Amazons
Two intersectional feminists takes a serious, timely subject (such as toxic masculinity or intimate partner violence) and makes it understandable by relating it back to examples in pop culture. Our aim is to educate as well as entertain – or as we like to call it, “edutainment”!

Your Fave Is Problematic: Frasier

your fave

Tossed salads and scrambled eggs all over our face! What are two girls to do? This week Kristen and Elizabeth are talking about noted radio psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane and his issues with women, race, and overall snobbery. Bonus discussion about Doctor Who’s recent announcement that the Thirteenth Doctor will be played by Jodie Whittaker and the sexism that followed the reveal.
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“Your Fave is Problematic is beautifully hosted by Kristen and Elizabeth. The chemistry between the two hosts is undeniable and you can feel their fun coming through the speakers. Listeners can tell they are having fun and you want to be part of it. The passion the hosts have for their opinions is so great. Even if you don’t agree, you will by the end of an episode. Check em out!”
-Take Too

“As an English, middle-class, cis-white-male… I feel like I might not be the target audience for this podcast, however Kristen and Elizabeth have some truly fascinating opinions. It’s hard not to have a reaction to this one!”
-Quotal Recall

“I love listening to Kristen and Elizabeth take a beloved piece of pop culture and peel the layers to expose the problems. There is a genuine appreciation for each topic, so it isn’t just an hour to complain about issues in entertainment. You get treated to fun discussions and frank analysis. They are smart, funny, and provide an excellent weekly reminder that despite flaws in the art we consume, we can still enjoy.”
-Happily Ever Aftermath

Geekend Amazons: Our Faves are Problematic
geekend amazons


White feminism, cultural appropriation, and homophobia are all rampant in some prominent parts of pop culture. But is it okay to like things that are problematic? Of course it is – and we’re here to tell you how! From Taylor Swift to Game of Thrones, the Amazons discuss what a problematic fave is, why they’re important to acknowledge, and why it’s okay to still be fan.
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“The Geekend Amazons did a great job presenting the topic of their show and seemed well prepared. They obviously did their research and were able to carry on a nice discussion between the 2 hosts. They showed great chemistry, and the audio quality of the show was perfect. They had a nice intro and outro, and it was nicely edited. While this episode may not have been a topic I would seek out, I may listen to a few other episodes of theirs.”
-Take Too

“The show opened with “listener discretion is advised” and immediately started digging into obviously problematic stuff that exist. Taylor Swift, Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham and more received well deserved character assessments and we are HERE. FOR. IT! Glad our fave isn’t on the list. Mina and Bella give us more!”
-Here For It

“I’d never heard this show before but I love the name and might be a convert. Just from listening to this one episode I can tell that Mina and Bella are two smart ladies. This episode in particular was a tough one because I didn’t realize how many of my faves were problematic, but I love that Mine and Bella come from a place of also feeling remorse for liking these problematic things. Overall I enjoyed this episode because of the enlightening conversation and inclusivity it puts forward. I’m definitely subscribed. Two thumbs up!”