Day 17

Day 17: Decomposition Podcast | Happily Ever Aftermath

Decomposition Podcast
Hyper-analyzing all your favorite, terrible songs. Hosts Brad and Katie (as well as the occasional special guest) go through the annals of pop-music and deconstruct the lyrics, music, video and whatever other information they find interesting, humorous, or just straight up bad about your guilty pleasures.

Happily Ever Aftermath
Happily Ever Aftermath explores relationships in movies and how they shape our ideas of love and romance. One title at a time, Polina and Diana share their personal connection to the film and analyze the trajectory of the characters’ relationship — when did they fall in love and what is their fate after the movie ends?

Decomposition Podcast: Summer Girls – LFO


This week Katie and Brad welcome friend and municipal servant Donald over to go through perhaps the most nonsense song yet, LFO’s 1999 hit “Summer Girls.” What do they have in common with Samuel Beckett? Were they the bad boys of pop? Cherry Pez, or pants? Also, does that matter?
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“This is a very unique idea put together by some very fun and energetic people. The shows are extremely entertaining, and the hosts flow very well. I can’t wait for more of my favorite songs to be featured!”
-Guilty Podcast

“This podcast is a lot of fun! We all have guilty pleasure songs, songs we love to hate, or songs we just love and don’t care. In this podcast, the hosts tear these types of songs apart and try to figure out why the song was popular in the first place. The hosts are funny and completely engaging! What a unique subject for a podcast!”
-BSP: The Idio(t)syncrasy Files

“Hilarious. We’d never heard the song Summer Girls and yeah…it’s the worst! Really enjoy the hosts – as people who pick apart every little thing in life this is definitely the podcast for me. Still laughing at trying to rhymes Sornets (sonnets) with Hornets. Keep it up ya’ll!”
-Nothing Rhymes With Murder

Happily Ever Aftermath: Working Girl
happily ever


We discuss (with spoilers) Diana’s pick Working Girl (1988), starring Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, and Sigourney Weaver. Recorded January 2017.
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“Polina and Diana are great company to be in. They have the kind of chemistry that comes from being long term friends, and as a listener you’re welcomed in to hear them bring these old movies back to life.”
-Quotal Recall

“Whether you quote Tess McGill on the regular or can’t remember the name of Harrison Ford’s character, this episode touches on some larger questions about work and romance in pop culture and our lives. Sit in with Polina and Diana as they return to the ’80s to talk women in underwear, celebrity crushes, and a symbolic lunchbox. Their tone and the structure produce a mood like an intellectual slumber party. Just be sure you’ve seen the movie.”
-Ferguson Voices

“For people who were raised on a steady diet of romantic comedies, this podcast is a welcome addition to my line up! It feels like Diana and Polina are you best girlfriends chatting about all the movies you loved as a teenage. I really love their careful examination of the movies and how it’s effected our perception of romantic relationships.”
-Your Fave Is Problematic