Day 16

Day 16: Chicks With Flicks | The Endless Knot

Chicks With Flicks
An awesome podcast featuring awesome ladies talking about allegedly awesome guy movies.

The Endless Knot
Aven & Mark discuss etymology, history, literature, language, and cocktails, and the sometimes surprising connections between them all.

Chicks With Flicks: John Wick

chicks flicks

We welcome back our fave former FBI-Agent-posing-as-a-surfer Keanu in this 2014 sleeper hit.
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“Chicks with Flicks gave their brutally honest opinion about the surprise hit John Wick. Their analysis of characters and story arcs gives the listeners a better understanding of what works and what could be improved in the film. Each host brings refreshingly unique perspectives and expectations going into the movie and their reviews/chat gives their show a dinner-table conversation feel. We look forward to hearing their thoughts on the recently released sequel and more of our favorite movies!”
-American Gods Cast

“The premise–a group of women review “guys movies” and decide if they like them “in spite of their femininity”–is a fun approach that lets the listener enjoy the conversation even if you haven’t seen–and maybe never want to see!–the movie. There’s a good group conversation, that’s never hard to follow even with so many voices, and a great range of opinions. They’re funny, but intelligent and perceptive, and the humour doesn’t obscure their well-informed points about the movie. Whether you want to hear them discuss your favourite film, or find out whether a classic dude movie is a good use of your time, these chicks are definitely worth a listen!”
-The Endless Knot

The Endless Knot: Purple, Pink, & Brown


We finish up our colour series (for now!) with a discussion of the etymologies and symbolism of Purple, Pink, & Brown. From Phoenician shellfish, Virgil’s Aeneas, & Propertius’s Cynthia, to flowers, beavers, & bears, this episode covers a lot of ground.
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“You might think you know colors but guess what, you don’t. You know who does? Mark and Aven. As a fan of podcasts with a hint of education to them, this episode of The Endless Knot podcast was a joy to listen to as they dove headfirst into the history and origin as well as modern implications and uses! If you’re looking to learn something new, this is definitely the podcast for you.”
-American Gods Cast

“Great informative look at the origins and meanings of the colours purple, pink, and brown. Chock full of great information on the use of colour, and fascinating the things that have kept their meaning to this day. I think I even learned some stuff. Very interesting!”
-The Soapy Madams

“This podcast succeeds because of the passion that Mark and Aven have for words and the way they share that love with the world. Every episode begins with a cocktail, which I’m a big fan of, and then dives deep into the subject at hand. From the obscure to the well known they leave no stone unturned to bring you the whole history of a word. Etymology has never been something I’ve concerned myself with but this podcast makes a clear case that the language we take for granted has so much more to offer.”
-Transmissions From The Darkside