Day 15

Day 15: Nobody Asked For This | PhDrinking

Nobody Asked For This
A music conversation where the hosts challenge each other to cover songs.

I interview fellow graduate students over a drink about their research with the aim of reaching a broader lay audience. I hope to break down the ivory tower stereotype and introduce listeners to the newest research in a variety of fields, from gravitational waves to French literature to driverless cars. Occasional special edition episodes collect panelists from across topics to discuss issues within academia such as the replication crisis or dealing with imposter syndrome.

Nobody Asked For This: Introducing: Nobody Asked For This

nobody asked

A music conversation between Aaron Wong (Holler! Presents: Podcast and Los Angeles cliché) and Brendan Hutchins (, corrected by David Kallison (The Sound And The Story).
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“This music podcast took me by surprise. It has an insanely unique flow. It is a bit of stream of consciousness and that stream is kick started by a topic. While this isn’t a unique format for a podcast, what happens next is. Throughout the episode the classic sound of a tape recorder’s stop button is heard and a third party interjects corrections and fun facts about what the main thread of the show was discussing. After the informative and sometimes snarky comments are made, the play button is pressed and the show goes on. This happened about 20 times during the show which was just the right amount. It was a fun look at music and popular culture and I look forward to checking out more.”
-The Wild Pitch

“A fun and unique podcast about music, including stuff I remember from high school. I loved the added twist of a “fact checker” to correct the guys when they flubbed up in real time, it was funny and not overdone. The hosts had a great rapport and I look forward to future episodes when they get into the heart of their concept… Cover Songs!! Definitely going to subscribe to this show now.”
-Holler! Presents

PhDrinking: Prairie Pints


Prairie Pints was an episode I recorded with Becky Barak on her research about prairie restoration and the amazing science behind it. As always, I also include links with each episode about my guest’s research so that listeners can continue to learn more!
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“I found this to be a really unique niche podcast. The host is a very good interviewer, she makes her guests feel at ease. It’s an interesting and easy to listen to podcast. The icing on the cake is that I become just a tiny bit smarter after listening to it.”

“Academia can sometimes feel lonely and dull. PhDrinking throws out those feelings with great guests, engaging topics and booze…lots of booze. It reminded us of our time at the campus pub, working through our research and getting feedback from folks doing wildly different projects. Being primarily social science geeks, we were surprised at just how much we enjoyed the Prairie Pints episode. The episode focused on prairie ecology, but managed to touch on a variety of topics that anyone would find interesting. Being grad students ourselves, it was great to hear someone talk passionately about their research and work. Refreshing, insightful, engaging and funny, it managed to do it all. We’re looking forward to following this podcast as it continues to develop over time.”
-Semi-Intellectual Musings