Day 14

Day 14: My Shity Podcast | Physical Attraction

My Shity Podcast
Service industry based podcast that always ends with a poop story.

Physical Attraction
Physical Attraction is the show that explains concepts in physics… one chat-up line at a time!

My Shity Podcast: Bar Owner, Max Morland

my shity podcast

Max is the reason/inspiration for me ending every episode with a poop story. he has the best/worst poop story I have heard and probably ever will. we share some old bar stories from the past when we worked together and touch on the lack of music for Austin TX being the “Live Music Capital of the World.”
More episodes of note: Bar Manager, Ayron Vandergriff | Motorcycle Mechanic, Trevor Rathbone

“Host Adam Copeland, who has a background in the service industry, yaks it up with friends and connections who also know the service industry like the backs of their hands. If you liked the film “Waiting,” — or just really want to know what your bartenders really think of you (and Yelp!) — then this is a great, hilarious, but still informative podcast. Adam breaks down the conversations in a fun, relatable way — and yes, he always ends with a poop story. ”
-Russia House

“Despite the self-deprecating name, this podcast is a lot of fun. Each episode features a casual conversation with a guest, but the host’s easy-going vibe doesn’t mean that he doesn’t ask thought-provoking questions, and he keeps the conversation flowing. There’s a good balance of informative and entertaining subject matter, and good story-telling. This episode ends with an amazing and hilarious story that I absolutely will not spoil for you–go listen for yourself!”
-The Endless Knot

Physical Attraction: Physics Gets Hot and Heavy I
physical attraction


Our inaugural episode deals with the formation of stars; how they’re born, how they live, how they die. It also explains the format of the show.
More episodes of note: Cyberwarfare | Good Vibrations

“A charming and clever way of explaining physics; use pick up lines! The host monologues about science and the stars with a clear and pleasant tone, at a good speed, and in a well structured format. He also has a charming accent. Give this pod a try.”
-Nobody Asked For This

“This podcast is great to give an introduction to concepts in physics in a friendly and easy-to-follow way. The host dots the information with puns and innuendo which brings levity to the dense subject matter. I love the host’s voice and manner. I loved learning about the life-cycle of stars in such an engaging and approachable format. Very easy to listen to!”
-Mens Rea