Day 13

Day 13: American Gods Cast | The Happiness Mama

American Gods Cast
A podcast dedicated to discussing the tv series adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s bestseller ‘American Gods’! Between seasons we also take a look at other shows of varying genres!

The Happiness Mama
The Happiness Mama Podcast is about consciously creating a happier life. Host Heather Ash shares stories and lessons from her own journey, as well as interviews with creative entrepreneurs and other purposeful moms. When we make our own happiness a priority, we have more love and joy to share with everyone around us, too. Heather Ash is the mother of two young daughters, as well as a podcaster and empowerment coach for moms who want to create life according to their true values. She loves to support, encourage, and inspire moms in prioritizing their happiness, nurturing themselves, and creating a life they love, through mindfulness, purpose, and self-care. Season 3 is all about loving ourselves–body, mind, and spirit. Learn more at

American Gods Cast: Glow: Episodes 1-5 Review

american gods

Welcome back American Gods fans!! While we hangout during the off-season of American Gods, we are hard at work reviewing new content! Our first summer recap is of the hit new show Glow, a series recounting the start of televised women’s wrestling from the late 80’s! We watched the first 5 episodes and are recapping them now, so check out this episode with Michael and Kyle talking about this new show with their friend Jacob!
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“The hosts of American Gods Cast are very discerning and aren’t afraid to discuss negative aspects of the show. They discuss it in an intelligent manner and are willing to debate. This podcast is great for anyone who wants to hear good dissection and discussion of a show they love!”
-Harry Potter Revisited

“Ben: I haven’t watched the TV series Glow which was being discussed so I was at a bit of a disadvantage listening to this episode. The hosts are obviously comfortable breaking down the story beats of the show and recapping effectively, and it was interesting to get each perspective on what their favourite and least favourite parts were. I am inspired to start watching the show, so they’re definitely doing something right!
Trevor: This was also my experience.”

The Happiness Mama: What to Do When You’re Struggling
happiness mama


We all struggle sometimes. In this episode, Heather talks about one of her recent challenges and 15 things she did to help herself feel better.
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“As a fellow Mom, I was really excited to check out this podcast. Heather does a nice job of laying out issues that Moms face and really great and effective ways to work through them. On this episode she spoke on a personal issue she was working through and gave some nice pointers on how she is choosing to look at the situation and the goals she has for herself. I look forward to listening more!”
-Moms and Murder

“Heather Ash’s podcast is focused on the inner journey for happiness, and offers strategies for coping with trauma, self-care and mindfulness. This podcast is recommended for those who enjoy the self-help genre and want to share her journey. Heather’s approach is interactive and non-judgmental, which may be just the thing for other like-minded folk.”
-Talk To Dad