Day 12

Day 12: The Jock and Nerd | Yesterqueer

The Jock and Nerd
A Jock and a Nerd come together to share their geek-love for comic book culture! Enjoy full spoiler, uncensored news, reviews and interviews covering comic book and geek culture

A comedy/history podcast about people, places, and all things that impacted lgbtqia+ people in history.

The Jock and Nerd: The Science of Superheroes

jock and nerd

nthony, Imran and Rugboy invite listener and scientist Adam Morris to geek out about the science of superheroes! Adam, an environmental and wildlife toxicologist, shares stories from his time studying polar bears in the arctic and breaks down some scientific origins for superhero powers.
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“Ben: I was a little put off at first by the breakfast radio style soundboard, but once I hit the meat of the episode it turned into quite an interesting discussion. The guest was obviously knowledgeable (though I wish the hosts had stuck to questions in his realm of expertise, the tease about Aquaman was disappointing considering the guest was a marine biologist), and the hosts took the discussion on some interesting tangents. I’m a fan of superhero comics so the subject matter was right up my alley, and it was fun to listen to them all break down the existing science that inspired a lot of superhero powers, and talk about whether or not they would be possible in the real world.
Trevor: Yes, exactly right.”

Yesterqueer: The Fruit Doodler


Caelan explains all about the history of the science of gaydar, including Canada’s own gay detector; The Fruit Machine! Anthony covers The Doodler, a serial killer that stalked the streets of San Francisco past, doodling and then killing his victims.
More episodes of note: SelfGrinding | Matthew Shepard & Jody Dobrowski

“Yesterqueer is a hilarious and insightful podcast about queer history. The hosts, Caelen and Anthony, choose something about queerness to research and then present it to listeners in a style that is both informative and entertaining. The hosts riff of each other and comment on the research, making you feel like you’re sitting at the table with them as they open your eyes to topics that you probably wouldn’t have heard about otherwise!”
-Podcast Brunch Club

“I love learning about history, especially subjects that may not be covered often. Yesterqueer does this and brings LGBTQA topics to the front and center. Anthony and Caelan are charming and funny as they explore history together. Be ready to learn and laugh as soon as you hit play.”
-Chicks With Flicks