Day 11

Day 11: The Wild Pitch | Sects Ed

The Wild Pitch
The Wild Pitch Podcast is a comedy podcast that explores creativity through the ancient art of the pitch. A robot selects 3 random elements and then Derek and some fake entrepreneurs come up with pitches for amazing shows, movies, products, games, plays, or whatever their hearts desire. The pitches must be inspired by and/or incorporate those 3 random elements. The results are an absurdist Shark Tank style show. Every show starts with an ice breaker question that is loosely inspired by the 3 random elements and finishes with the guests getting a chance to plug whatever. We have podcasters, cartoonist, and just every day people on as guests and the results are always fun.

Sects Ed
Sects Ed is a podcast that carefully explores and shares the history of unorthodox faiths. Whether it be cults, heresies, or new religious movements, Sects Ed is dedicated to understanding the beliefs of peripheral religious groups and teaching you both how the world viewed them and how they viewed themselves. We post new episodes bi-weekly on Tuesdays.

The Wild Pitch: Playing Card, Dude, and Warehouse


Pitches include a card game, an adventure, and a reality tv show. Also, Very Special Episode or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Glitches is a “best of” episode I had to whip together when a recording went bad. It features a handful of my favorite pitches and commercials from the first 7 episodes.
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“The Wild Pitch is a podcast that explores creativity through the ancient art of “The Pitch”. Every other week, host Derek G brings on three of his friends to pitch amazing ideas for shows, games, plays and products with one rule: The pitch MUST incorporate three elements that were chosen the previous week. This week the team must incorporate a playing card, dude and a warehouse. What does the team do with this? Listeners can look forward to pitches for “Depot Dash”, an exciting new card game; a movie about mystical playing cards that open a gates to other dimension; and a reality TV show based on how quickly Jeff Bridges can make his fans hate him. The premise of this show is absolutely fantastic in its absurdist approach. The randomly chosen people, places and things that guests must incorporate really push the boundaries of their creativity and make The Wild Pitch a podcast, unlike any others. I would love to see a “Drunk History” kind of video component where some of these ideas are brought to life.”
-The Songwriter’s Roundtable

“I love this podcast’s premise: the host & guests have to come up with a pitch (for a show, a product, a movie, a song, whatever) referencing three random items chosen beforehand. It allows for–and requires!–great creativity and variety, while keeping everybody on track and (sort of) on the same page! The show is well produced, with a basic and straightforward format but tightly edited so that it moves along quickly. It’s a lively and entertaining mix of storytelling and conversation, and this episode was extremely funny, especially the bit where Jeff Bridges becomes a murderer!”
-The Endless Knot

“Hilarious podcast where the host (Derek) & his guests pitch ideas based on 3 “objects”. The show builds off of each pitch and explores the ideas brilliantly. Can’t wait to go through and listen to more!”

Sects Ed: Big Brother Is Watching You


In the aftermath of the First Opium War, the self-proclaimed younger brother of Jesus began his quest to convert China to his own unique version of Christianity. In part one of our two part series on the Taiping Rebellion, we discuss the early life of Hong Xiuquan and the events that led to the creation of the God Worshiping Society and the Taiping Rebellion.
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“Sects Ed is an excellent indie podcast that examines unusual or less-than-mainstream faiths. It covers a wide range of topics from various different historical and geographical locations; including off-the-beaten track but very historically and culturally important movements like the Taiping Rebellion in China. The show is evidently meticulously well-researched and often covers things that you wouldn’t even necessarily think of in the context of belief systems, such as the Cult of the Supreme Being founded by Robespierre during the French Revolution. The host’s style is factual and informative without being textbook-y, and will remind listeners of long-running shows like The History of Japan or The History of Rome. Would highly recommend.”