Day 10

Day 10: Semi-Intellectual Musings | Talk To Dad

Semi-Intellectual Musings
Ditch your notebooks and join Matt and Phil at the local campus pub for a drink while exploring the social sciences, humanities and arts. With fresh takes on books, music, film and sports, we strive to make everything from social theory to how to cook with wine accessible and entertaining. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do hope you leave saying “huh, I never thought of it that way.”

Talk To Dad
A weekly comedy/variety podcast where Dad (and sometimes Mom) talks to his kids about random topics, including odd news, pop culture and snack foods.

Semi-Intellectual Musings: Revolutionary Forces of Change

semi intellectual

The 1936 workers’ revolution is probably one of the most misunderstood events during Spain’s bloody civil war. We bring in fan favourite guest Evan Ferguson to tell us his take on what has been considered the most truly egalitarian social and cultural revolution in modern history. We cover critiques of this movement while drawing attention to George Orwell’s beloved ‘Homage to Catalonia’. We cap it all off by drawing connections between the Spanish revolutionary ideals of the past and present day revolutionary forces of change fighting for freedom and justice against evil. It’s like Batman meets Braveheart infused with The Avengers, minus all that awkward tension between Captain America and Iron Man.
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“Semi-Intellectual Musings is an equal parts informative and inviting podcast. In this episode, hosts Matt Sanderson and Phil Primeau are joined by Evan Ferguson to talk about the Spanish Civil War, and they steer their conversation in some truly thought provoking directions. While they delve deeply into the complex history of the conflict itself, what is perhaps even more impressive is how they tie their topic back to modern times. They demonstrate how important it is to study the past, and do so in an incredibly approachable way. Their Friend or Foe segment is also quite fun, and it adds greater levity to a program that we will definitely be revisiting on a regular basis.”
-Sects Ed

“Some podcasts include too much researched detail while others rely on off-the-cuff opinions, but semi-intellectual musings strikes a perfect balance between the two. This episode is particularly politically woke and covers anti-facist history that I was totally unaware of. They do a great job of breaking down that history and explaining how it’s still impacting us today. Not to mention, I love the friend of foe segment of this show which feels a lot like “this or that” drinking games but with interesting comparisons and reasonings behind them.”

Talk To Dad: Balloon Hedgehog, Fat Smooth and Giant Insect Aliens
talk to dad


Elizabeth and Phoebe talk to Dad about the new Talk to Dad D&D podcast, the impending school year, our listeners and Snapchat filters. In News, there’s a story about a hedgehog with balloon syndrome, Whataburger table tents used in crime scenes, and a 9-year-old’s application to NASA for the position of Guardian of the Planet. Finally, Dad shares the list of the semi-finalists for the Big Tex Choice food awards at the State Fair of Texas. Dad, Phoebe, Elizabeth and Mom share some songs on What Are You Listening to, including music from Julien Baker, Dodie, Miike Snow, Deolinda and LCD Soundsystem. In Treat Yourself, Dad compares Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to his favorite soft drink, Coke Zero, and the whole family tries Fully Dressed Ruffles potato chips.
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“This is such a great listen. Two girls just chatting to their dad about random stuff. Now this doesn’t sound super great, but it actually is. All three are so good natured and share such great chemistry. Its like being a fly on the wall at a family dinner. Heart warming and highly recommended.”
-The Dad Zone

“What would seem mundane and inconsequential grew on me in the “Balloon Hedgehog” episode. The initial impression is a strong bond between a father and his two daughters. Like hanging out with those well adjusted, bubbly neighbors you wish your dysfunctional family was more like. Stream of consciousness topics bounce in every direction — until they get down to their usual business: bizarre news stories. Like a beachball-sized hedgehog suffering from “balloon syndrome,” apparently an actual condition in spiny mammals (who knew?). You’ll find photo links to the puffed up mammal on the show’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.”
-Don’t Act Your Age

“A dad talks to one or more of his children (who range from elementary school to college) and his wife about what’s going on in their lives, and then they discuss strange news stories and do other creative segments, such as trying out and rating new treats. Funny, real, smart, endearing. A great show!”
-Happiness Mama