Day 8

Day 8: Change Over Time | Between Us Girls

Change Over Time
As the library asks, “What do you geek?” I geek science fiction, fantasy, the outdoors, critical race theory, politics, organizing, among other things. Mostly, I geek history. So I’ve tied all that together into one podcast. Change Over Time is a story-based podcast using historical thinking to explore geekiness. Sometimes episodes are reports from the field. Other episodes explore how different ideas, theories, or methods used by historians can be used by non-historians. Additionally, the podcast features edited pieces of oral histories of interesting people.

Between Us Girls
This Podcast is a raw and unfiltered award winning show that gives a real life glimpse into conversations shared between women. It’s a balanced mix of fun and serious topics from politics, feminism to how to find out whether a guy is boyfriend material. It’s funny empowering stuff! Did I mention there’s wine? Each week we review a bottle of wine and let you know whether it’s good or nah?

Change Over Time: Soy Boricua: Atlanta, Hurricane Maria, and the Myths That Help Make Sense of It All

change over time

How do you make sense of a disaster? What should we be looking for? Where can you get good mofongo in Atlanta? Answers to these questions were found at Buen Provecho restaurant and in conversation with Jacob Remes, a disaster historian. Buen Provecho, a Puerto Rican restaurant in the Atlanta suburbs, is one of two sites for donation drop off for the island. The owner Elmer Pasapera put out a call on social media and has been flooded with responses. COT spent some time at the restaurant to get an idea of what people were doing and thinking. In an interview with Dr. Jacob Remes, author of Disaster Citizenship: Survivors, Solidarity, and Power in the Progressive Era, the scholar put this hurricane into historical context. Disasters, it turns out, are socially constructed. This is hopeful news because it means people can organize to change relationships of power. It also turns out that the Taino people, the indigenous culture of Puerto Rico, knew this for thousands of years and created a myth about it.
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“From the first few seconds Daniel’s voice commands you to listen and be present. His voice and tone lets the listener know the topic he’s discussing is serious. I appreciate his honesty, I like he was open about why the episode was created as a form of therapy for him to cope with not being able to reach his mother. Lastly, you can tell he isn’t interested in talking to you, Daniel wants you to feel the experience he is having. He is immersing you in the story via the audio clips and displaying storytelling skills. This is very well produced podcast, his audio production was amazing!”
-Brodette Nation

“I love the unique format of the Change Over Time podcast. The intertwined interviews with the narration by Daniel make it not only an enjoyable listen but also intriguing to hear from a range of people related to the topic. A brilliant and professional sounding audio documentary utilizing Daniel’s style of historical thinking. Change Over Time offers so much information in a balanced and well researched manner and relatable value in easy to digest and engaging episodes.”
-Sunshine & PowerCuts

Between Us Girls: These Are My Confessions
between us girls


This week, the ladies open the super-secret confession hotline to see what blings and it turns out that all that glitters ain’t gold! B.U.G. fans are out here revealing some heavy sh*t! Grab your Mike Jackson popcorn, sit back and be a fly on the B.U.G. wall, as the ladies discuss killers, childhood secrets, dirty panties and non-existent vag openings! Listen to find out why the BUG girls would’ve been Hannah’s reason #14… • Your secrets are killing me… • One therapist does NOT fit all… • On a scale of Eeyore to Hannah Baker, how depressed are you? • The problem with boys and sex… • Somebody really does love her dirty draws… • That awkward moment when your brother kills your husband and throws him in the ship channel… • Want to give good top in a drop-top atop a parking garage? Make sure you say, “cheese!” William Shatner-esque narration, murder and intrigue – this episode has it all!
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“Co-hosts Michel, Sharonda, and Danielle chat about life’s fuckeries over wine. They have a casual style that makes you feel like you are eavesdropping on a real conversation. In episode 49 ‘These Are My Confessions’, they discuss listeners’ secrets as well as their own secrets. They give advice to the listeners about what to do with their secrets, and gently mock each other for their own secrets. Give them a listen if you love chatting, wine, and laughter.”
-The Vocal Fries

“Just the titles alone are hilarious! When I was listening to the episodes, these woman are raw and funny! I would try to edit out throat clearing and mouth noises. Also, while I may have a dark sense of Humor, not everyone is like me. So, please try to be careful what you joke about. Keep up the amazing work ladies!!!! ❤️

-The Hidden Staircase

“I am a sucker for any podcast where hosts randomly break into song and tease each other. Their camaraderie was delightful and their conversation was very natural and real. The best podcasts take real conversations that you would have anyway and record them, and that is absolutely what B.U.G. is. I listened to the “These Are My Confessions” episode in which listeners wrote in on heavy, difficult topics. The B.U.G. hosts used these confessions as jumping off points to discuss social issues, their personal experiences, and give advice to listeners. Despite how challenging the topics, the hosts were really thoughtful and caring and super funny, I highly recommend this podcast! These are three ladies I would love to spend more time with, and definitely drink wine with.”