Day 7

Day 7: Sunshine & PowerCuts | Classroom Brew

Sunshine & PowerCuts
A podcast from an off-grid home in a beautiful NZ valley offering insights into Off Grid Life; the good (sunshine), the bad (powercuts), and [em]Powerment by Nature to create sustainable well-being.

Classroom Brew
Teachers talk about the good, the bad, and the funny while cracking open a cold one at the end of the week.

Sunshine & PowerCuts: Perspective

sunshine and powercuts

The topic for this episode is Perspective. – We look at what it is and ways we can check in with ourselves to rediscover our point of view and regain sight of the bigger picture.
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“Sunshine and Powercuts makes me feel so relaxed (which is a hard state for me to get to)! The host is personable, soothing, and her messages make me want to be a better person. Give this podcast a listen if you need a break from your fast-paced life and want to center yourself. The episode on Perspective gave me just that: perspective on my routine and what I need to change.”
-Accio Politics

“A podcast to help you slow down. With episodes focusing on topics like Perspective, Heather calmly explains how to achieve perspective in life and methods for seeing the whole picture and relative importance of things. Short episodes great for quickly resetting your brain, relaxing and meditation.”
-Friday Is Game Night

“Amidst the well-balanced music and microphone mixing, this podcast felt like a satisfying ASMR, mindfulness episode. With the content covering perspective and its effects on the human experience; this episode reminded me that we are part of nature and vice versa. Any disconnect to nature is truly a disconnection with ourselves. This episode, and podcast as a whole, provides tips to listeners to reclaim their balance and perspective in life. In this case, physically moving to regain perspective, much like the words of Robin Williams in “Dead Poets Society,” physically moving ourselves allows us to reexamine the situations or problems at hand from a different view. Sunshine & PowerCuts reminds us to slow down, take a different perspective, and reconnect with nature. Short episodes and intimate sound quality help the listener obtain the information they need and implement these tips in their own lives as soon as possible.”
-Classroom Brew

Classroom Brew: Airdropped Porn?


In the second episode of Classroom Brew, Ryan is joined by two of his friends, Danielle and Peter, as they drink in the start of the weekend and reflect on past and present teaching woes, weird moments, edTPA, Harry Wong, classroom management, and shirtless old men.
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“Classroom Brew, Three teachers drinking beer and talking about work, is a show ordinarily outside of my wheelhouse. Having now stepped into that world via this show, it was fascinating to listen to Ryan and his friends discuss the challenges facing teachers today. Great audio quality and intelligent conversation, this is a show I would recommend to anyone involved in or contemplating a future in education… or anyone with kids… or anyone. Go listen.”

“This show took me by surprise; what I thought would be a more playful take on teaching, ended up being a very enlightening look at the challenges teaches face in both the private and public sector. The level of authenticity is really refreshing. Ryan and his guests aren’t trying to be anything, in particular, for the audience. They are having honest conversations, as themselves, with enough humor to keep it fun. I highly recommend giving it a listen.”
-Our Americana

“Great concept. Even though the show felt a bit inside baseball conversation it’s interesting to heat the teacher’s take on things. The intro music was also particularly good.”
-Change Over Time