Day 6

Day 6: Married To Murder | Not Your Little Lady

Married To Murder
A true crime comedy podcast hosted by two women (Gussie & Katie) and we cover cases where couples kill together or each other. We mostly cover smaller, lesser-known cases, but have also covered some heavy hitters like Scott Peterson and Brad Bishop.

Not Your Little Lady
Not Your Little Lady is a podcast featuring women living outside of the South’s socially accepted norms. Listen and relate as we laugh, cry and share stories about facing obstacles and how it feels to come out on the other side. We will talk about things that piss us off, the booze we like to drink, and historical women who have made a difference. Topic experts will give advice and relay realistic steps on how to implement it in our daily lives. We’ll explore the importance of women owning their past, present and future while keeping it light and funny, like a lady will do.

Married To Murder: Butt Chin

married to murder

It’s episode 8 of Married to Murder! This week, Gussie covers a Top Ten Most Wanted killer, Brad Bishop, who has evaded capture for over 40 years. Katie also goes the monster route with Jack Wayne Reeves, a man so awful that you have to use his middle name. We also play another game of lightening round questions that challenges whether Gussie and Katie can still be friends. So pop a Serax, buy a lotto ticket, and join us as we answer a very important question: how many times can Gussie and Katie say, “f*cking monster”?
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“Love the energy and connection of these ladies! They have a very likable and funny. I also like the lighting round in the beginning that allows me to get to know who they are. The show has the feel of just hanging out with friends chatting about the sick things people do in a light and fluffy manner. It sets up an interesting dynamic, which these girls pull of flawlessly.”
-Between Us Girls

“Married to Murder is a show about couples who kill together or each other. Brought to you by hosts Gussie and Katie, the show delves into that old true crime standby, monsters, murder, and monstrous murderers. This is a much softer take on the genre, and the hosts tend to ramble during the hour long episodes, so serious true-crime aficionados may be somewhat turned off. But, if you’re in for two good friends having a great time talking about horrible things, this may be the show for you.”
-Westside Fairytales

Not Your Little Lady: Trust Her
not your little lady


This episode is a continuation from episode 13’s discussion on women’s reproductive rights in the South. April Green, co-founder of the Magnolia Fund, talks about the non profit’s mission of facilitating abortion access for women living in rural Northeast Georgia. We discuss a variety of topics including: how the non profit raises funds, types of barriers women seeking an abortion face, who seeks abortions, the Hyde Amendment and the reasons access is limited in the South. Our Who’s that lady (from history)? is Madame Restell, who was once called “The Wickedest Woman in New York”.
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“Co-hosts Sarah Gillis and Allison Carter interview April Greene, co-founder of the non-profit The Magnolia Fund, which works to eliminate barriers to abortion access in the Southeast. The episode ‘Trust Her’ was a nuanced, sensitive and educational look at the reasons women get abortions and how access (in the South and otherwise) is restricted by policy decisions, a lack of funding, and a lack of transportation. Gillis and Carter ask important questions and Greene does an excellent job of separating myth from fact about abortion. They ended with a ‘things that pissed us off’ section, which was cathartic, even for the listener!”
-The Vocal Fries

“I think that this episode, as well as many others on this podcast are so very important! I love the work that she is doing to bring awareness to these difficult subjects. Everyone! Women AND men! Need to listen!!!”
-The Hidden Staircase

“”Not Your Little Lady” is a podcast for women in the South who challenge or live outside of perceived social norms. I listened to the “Trust Her” episode, a discussion of barriers to abortions in the South. The discussion of all types of barriers (not just legal but social) was frank, thoughtful, and full of resources for people who may be seeking an abortion or have become mired in the misinformation out there. They discuss support organizations, paths to help, and provide a supportive environment for questions and follow-ups from listeners. I loved the community reviews, where the hosts went out into their communities and interviewed women about their perceptions on the issue and the barriers they perceive. All in all, the podcast was well-produced, thoughtful, and incredibly valuable for women in southern communities (and everywhere).”