Day 40

Day 40: Become a Guitarist Today with Adam Roach | Nihilist Podcast Network

Become a Guitarist Today with Adam Roach
A podcast that interviews guitarists from around the world. We discuss how they started and their tips for mastering the instrument.

Nihilist Podcast Network
All the meaninglessness you want to hear. Each Thursday during a season, NPN posts a new episode exploring the absurdity of life through what some would call “comedy.” NPN includes a variety of shows, such as “This Week In Nihilism,” which recounts the news; “The Advyss,” which doles out nihilist advice; the go-nowhere storytelling of “This One Time;” and the Fresh-Air-y interviewing of Grandel Hammerstein in “What’s the Meaning of This?” NPN also features special presentations such as “30 Minutes of Quiet Weeping With Jean-Paul Beaumont,” and a “This Week In Nihilism” special report straight from SiphCon2017, the world-renowned Sisyphus fan fiction convention.

Become a Guitarist Today with Adam Roach: Jennifer Batten from Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck


In this episode I talk to Jennifer Batten about her years of playing with Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck; her time at GIT while living in a friends garage; her solo albums and her new album with Marc Scherer coming out September 22nd. Jennifer also demonstrates some great warm up exercises for the guitar.
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“Top musicians, fascinating stories, and excellent audio quality. Those are my 3 favorite things about listening to “Become a Guitarist Today with Adam Roach”. Each episode, Adam has on a guests each week that are involved in the music industry in one way or another. It could be a friend that is a lifelong KISS fan. It could be a musician like Jennifer Batten who played with Michael Jackson on all 3 of his world tours. No matter which way you slice it, if you’re a music fan you’ll find something to love. Adam is friendly, insightful, and is a great gateway into the life of a musician. ”
-Film Roast

Nihilist Podcast Network: This Week In Nihilism


This Week In Nihilism reports on the news, with a focus on the landmass arbitrarily designated the United States, and is NPN’s longest-running and most popular show. Write in with a Nietzsche quote of the week to win a meaningless prize!
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“The Nihilist Podcast Network does not matter. Or does it? In a world so caught up with each detail of the news cycle, this podcast is here to remind us – hey it’s no biggie. Their episodes, “This week in nihilism” share news from around the world but with a sobering twist. Not only does it feature a Nietzsche quote of the week, but the show dives into politics, pop culture, and all the things you don’t really need to care about. In its own wonderful way, the Nihiliism Podcast Network is here to bring comedy to an every media.”
-Film Roast