Day 39

Day 39: The Asian Madness Podcast | Jack Lads

The Asian Madness Podcast
The Asian Madness Podcast: a place where we discuss true crime, superstition, urban legends, mysteries, and weird news from the Asian continent.

Jack Lads
Surreal comedy podcast where Dave and Luke discuss life’s questions that have never been asked.

The Asian Madness Podcast: Not So Sweet 16 – Hsiao Yen Pai


Country: Taiwan Episode One will cover the kidnapping and murder of a 16 year old girl. This episode may include some graphic details. Please proceed with caution.
More episodes of note: Tweet Me, Don’t Kill Me | Hannibal in a Raincoat: Yoo Young-chul

“In a market oversaturated by True Crime, it’s growing more and more difficult to stand out and find original content. Jessica has carved herself a nice little niche, but focusing on true crime within Asia, with each new episode covering a new crime in a different country. Throughout each episode, she highlights the culture and criminal statistics in the country its set. It’s such a well-rounded, well-thought out show. It’s like True Crime and Geography had a podcast baby!”
-Our Americana

Jack Lads: Was The Wheel A Good Invention?


The Jack Lads discuss the worlds first invention, the wheel, alternative histories, new origins and modern day differences. You are guaranteed to think about the world in a different way after listening.
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“This podcast is simultaneously charming and exceptionally witty, with equal parts pop culture and comedy. And amid all that, it never strays from taking its topic as seriously as can be expected. I subscribed within just a few minutes of listening. If you love Varmints! or Is This Adulting?, you’ll love Jack Lads.”