Day 38

Day 38: On The Edge With Mike Peacock | The Defy Life Podcast

On The Edge With Mike Peacock
Rants against humanity. Societal idiocy. Random Awesomeness. Brutal truths. Pop Culture Overload. And Badass guests. We’re on the edge of something here!

The Defy Life Podcast
Defy Life is a weekly show that features sports talk, Hip Hop and current events. At times cringe worthy, but always honest and entertaining…Defy Life meshes race, culture and current events with its roots in sports.

On The Edge With Mike Peacock: Episode 4: Han(d) Solo and Ryan(’s) Cox

on the edge

Ryan Cox stops by the studio, and we have an epic nerdfest about the upcoming Han Solo movie and Star Wars in general. We wax philosophical about Ron Howard’s potential for the franchise, go in super deep (giggity) to the numerous sources of lore, and Ryan actually compares Star Wars to the Bible lol. We also forgot to talk about Kevin Smith and the fact that both of our last names have perceived references to male genitalia. This is an hour and twelve minutes of true geekdom. You’re welcome.
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“Mike clearly has a lot of fun with his show. He gets passionate about the topics and makes his guests feel comfortable. Sometimes it’s a little goofy, but that’s what makes it endearing.”
-Burst Your Bubble

The Defy Life Podcast: Reckless!
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The guys discuss the most overrated black movies of all time, Julio Jones vs Antonio Brown, New Yorkers not taking kindly to others claiming their city and more!
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“The Defy Life Podcast is a relatively new podcast, bringing you sports, music, and film. It stands out as one of very few podcasts produced and hosted by black men. The guys are passionate, knowledgeable, and just all around great people (outside of the podcast, they are community leaders and incredibly engaged in serving the underserved). What is so significantly exceptional about this show is that it crosses genres that are generally considered market genres: The guys seamlessly and knowledgeably cover sports, then fashion, then music. It’s well-roundedness is what makes it great. There is room to grow and improve, but this is a show that deserves more attention.”