Day 37

Day 37: The Tom & Jack Podcast | Theme Park Films

The Tom & Jack Podcast
Tom and Jack present their comedy radio show as usual every week with one key difference – they’re no longer actually on the radio. Join them for features such as A Spoonful of Weather (the best of the worst TripAdvisor reviews), You Must Be Drunk (a look at badly thought out ad campaigns) and Y’Alright? (analysis of a public figure to decide whether they are coping well at the moment). There are also plenty of other occasional features and tangental light-hearted comic chat!

Theme Park Films
A very light hearted film review podcast that looks at movies which have been immortalised in theme parks.

The Tom & Jack Podcast: Episode 44: What is a Gromit?

tom and jack

Hit the road Tom & Jack, and don’t you come back no more no more no more no more. This week there’s an Osama Bin Laden-tinged Not News, the TripAdvisor collation that is A Spoonful of Weather PLUS discussion of Lord Sugar’s diabetes in Ba Dum Bum Apprentissssh and some classical music. Plus loads of mad, caffeinated chat.
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“There is something so delightfully charming about this show; I’m not certain whether it’s the report of Tom & Jack, their wonderfully tongue-in-cheek and self-deprecating humor, or their keen ability to regurgitate the strangeness of the world around them and how they see it. Tom & Jack are two incredibly likable guys, laughing at life. You should definitely laugh with them. If you like Is This Adulting?, I highly recommend giving Tom & Jack a try.”

Theme Park Films: Independence Day


1 of 3 specials where we review a film that we feel deserves to be immortalised in a theme park. Holly’s choice is Independence Day. If you would prefer to skip straight to the movie review (which contains spoilers) go to 8:10.
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“I loved the premise of the show! The whole rule is the movie must have, or have had, a theme park ride/attraction dedicated to it, which means you get to be pretty nostalgic about popular movies like Back to the Future (one of my favorites), Aladdin, and Ghostbusters, to name a few. I’m also a big fan of analyzing media, and I love how they break down movies.”
-Burst Your Bubble