Day 35

Day 35: Two Of A Kind & True Crime | The Not So Crazy Podcast Of Blizzard The Wizard And Eli

Two Of A Kind & True Crime
Mother-daughter co-hosts covering lesser known true crime stories, crime news and our favorite things.

The Not So Crazy Podcast Of Blizzard The Wizard And Eli
A quirky chronicle of the random shenanigans of a man and his cat. Cat shenanigans, comic book bonanzas, and a deep-dive into stream of consciousness pulp noir.

Two Of A Kind & True Crime: Episode 14: A Child “Star” Goes Rogue and Pizza Fatalities!

two of a kind

This week we talk about Skylar Deleon and some pizza fatalities that happened in our great state of Arkansas. We also address those who lost their lives this week in Virginia. Please be nice to people.
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“This podcast has heart. This mother-daughter team tackle true crime refreshingly without ceremony. The conversations are authentic and genuine. They oscillate between respect and sincerity, and finding the humor in some of the less severe crimes they cover. It’s both quaint and real, and a nice change of pace from a lot of the other true crime shows.”
-The Karen & Ellen Letters

The Not So Crazy Podcast Of Blizzard The Wizard And Eli: The ELItes #1
The Not So Crazy Podcast Of Blizzard The Wizard And Eli


When the efigs are attacked by a new threat, the best of the best must unite and become the ELItes!
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“Imagine you create a pulp detective comic. And then you create an alternate reality Avengers where the characters have crazy names like Scooby Jew, Judge Jew, The Jewgernaut, Marcus, and of course Blizzard the Wizard. Then lets imagine that all those crazy characters from different universes all have unprotected sex with the same hooker who’s blood is comprised of pot brownies and magic mushrooms, and that hooker craps out an illegitimate mishmash movie that only plays out in your head where you play all the characters. You would have this episode. Part Mad Scientist, part evil genius, part ventriloquist, and part hypnotherapist, Eli Sirota takes you on a psychedelic journey through your own underdeveloped consciousness that makes you question your own existential existence and the nature of all that is real. And he’s just the cohost. We all know the CAT runs the show. When you’re ready to expand your horizons, check out Blizzard and Eli! Without a doubt the most original, unique, and out of control show on the interwebs!”
-On The Edge with Mike Peacock

“The adventures of Blizzard the Wizard and Eli are in fact a little bit crazy. This half hour episode follows their wacky adventures with a whole host of crazy characters. Wonderful stream of consciousness madness abounds as you slip into the deranged mind of the creator. Imagine a Samuel Beckett play for the internet age or better yet give it a listen yourself!”
-Jack & Tom Podcast