Day 34

Day 34: Soapy Madams | Is This Adulting?

Soapy Madams
The Soapy Madams Podcast compares and contrast the British and American soap opera experience, and “soap tropes” in general.

Is This Adulting?
“Is This Adulting?” is a podcast about all of us. Join us each week as two best friends attempt to navigate adulthood as overgrown man-children.
Each week they will bring topics of discussion to the table, both silly and serious, to talk about for your entertainment. They also play fun games, hang out with amazing guests and check in with each other regarding their mental health for the week.

Soapy Madams: Episode 15

soapy madams

Today we address whether golf courses are a “common benefit” and the possibilities of using squirt bottles as behavior management devices in soaps. Come on in and speculate with us on the possible death of the Horrible Will-Not-Brown, and the sinister devices of the evil (or misunderstood?) Dr. Andre Maddox. Come on in and get dramatic with us!
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“I’m already a great fan of this podcast as who doesn’t like watching or joining in conversations about what’s happening in soaps? Not only that but they delve into some of the deeper issues that aren’t so obvious on first viewing. I love the way they yeah about both British and American soaps too, plus it doesn’t hurt that sometimes they’re more entertaining than the soaps themselves. Make sure you subscribe people!”
-Young Free and Coupled

Is This Adulting?: Steven’s Fever Dream (with Chris Braaten)


The guys are joined by other Chris of the More Gooder Than podcast. They discuss the transition into the holidays, Steven struggles through his illness to string together a single coherent sentence, Chris finds some disturbing snowman tattoos, and Chris beta reveals his ultimate plan to become Santa Claus.
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“A little something for everybody as two best friends check in to discuss a topic. While this sounds like many podcasts out there, Steven and Chris go above and beyond the traditional format to keep listeners engaged. After relating their own personal views on Christmas traditions, the episode takes a turn moving onto topics including a game about bad Christmas tattoos and what they would do if they worked at the North Pole. While it may seem random, which Steven laments may be just a figment of his fever induced state, the show flows wonderfully between subjects and never misses the beat of casual conversation.”
-The Sometimes Geek Podcast