Day 33

Day 33: Sipping Sisters | Murder Under The Midnight Sun

Sipping Sisters
We are three sisters who sip while we talk sh*t about the sometimes silly, sometimes sexist, sometimes sexy things that impact us on on our screens.

Murder Under The Midnight Sun
This is a true crime podcast that features mostly stories from Alaska and occasionally lesser-known stories from the rest of US.

Sipping Sisters: Sipping With Carina MacKenzie- On Feminism and Being a Woman in the Writers Room

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It was perfect. Not only is this what Carina MacKenize had to say about her journey with the CW hit The Originals, it is also what we Sipping Sisters have to say about this episode where we discuss feminism and being a woman in the writers’ room! The conversation is full of gems, like how Dear White People inspired The Originals writing team, sincere exploration of what it means to be a “strong woman” and spirited talk about where we find those examples of strong women characters on our screen. We sipped, we shared, we swooned. We hope you’ll follow in suit!
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“Three sisters – Jackie, Janelle and Rachael – are obsessed with watching movies, tv shows and videos online. Every episode of Sipping Sisters, the three gals grab their beverage of choice and gab about what they’ve been watching and why they love it. If you’re into pop culture and want some interesting takes on your favorite shows and movies, grab a drink and give this podcast a listen!”
-Wedding Confessionals

“I have to thank 2 Pods A Day for bringing this show to my attention; it’s absolutely right up my street. Sister Janelle, Jackie & Rachel chat with a guest about what they’re drinking and a host of other topics besides. The episode with Carina MacKenzie was wonderfully conversational, fun and thought-provoking. It’s a very frank podcast and incredibly entertaining. This is now in my regular podcast rotation.”
-Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour

“This is like having a conversation with friends. The girls are really down to earth, and welcoming to their guest and the listener. Great to hear some feisty ladies having great conversations.”
-Soapy Madams

Murder Under The Midnight Sun: James Dale Richie
murder under midnight


This episode discusses a serial killer that was terrorizing anchorage parks in the summer of 2016.
More episodes of note: The Murder of Sophia Sergie & The Missing Women of Anchorage | The Disappearance of Merrian Carver & The Murder of Phillip Fraser

“Ariel does a great job with the podcast. With so many crime podcasts out there you have to find a way to make yours unique, and sticking to Alaska (and lesser known cases) is a great hook. She has a calm, smooth voice that is easy to listen to. She does a great job doing research and sharing her findings with the audience. She has a personal connection to the story which is a nice touch.”
-The Not So Crazy Podcast Of Blizzard The Wizard And Eli

“A podcast covering some harrowing stories. Very well researched and put together. Extremely calming voice despite the subject matter. A must for crime fans”
-ThemePark Films

“Murder Under the Midnight Sun is almost hypnotic and we definitely recommend you add it to your true-crime podlist. Ariel digs deep into Alaskan murders, which is the niche we didn’t know we always wanted. Over the course of listening to the episodes, you not only learn about some lesser known murders, you also learn about Alaska’s social ecology. It’s fascinating. Ariel’s voice is a perfect fit for the true crime genre and she adds just a touch of editorializing and comment to help the material come alive. MUMS covers serial killers, child killers and utilizes deep research to reveal the horrid details of murders under the midnight Alaskan sun. James Dale Richie is a killer whose life and crimes are cataloged thoroughly and with dramatic effect on MUMS. We highly recommend the episode and the entire podcast! “
-Sipping Sisters