Day 32

Day 32: The Sometimes Geek Podcast | Women Transcend

The Sometimes Geek Podcast
A weekly short form gaming news show that focuses on major headlines as an alternative to longer form gaming podcasts.

Women Transcend
Feminist issues podcast. We don’t cover what is in the news. We cover what SHOULD be in the news. The future is female! Let’s get ready!

The Sometimes Geek Podcast: Episode 67

sometimes geek

On this episode: I review EAT by CrowsCrowsCrows, Pokemon Go’s creators relaunching Ingress, a new cereal from Nintendo, Destiny 2 teaming up with Amazon, new Mega Man games, Playstation Plus games for December, and more.
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“Great intro music which sets the gaming tone straight away. Obviously knows his stuff from the big budget, well known games down to the smaller ones which don’t get as much coverage. As much energy is put into reviewing both. Gamers should tune in.”
-ThemePark Films

“I like the format of the episode with a brief summary of what he is playing, followed by video game news and wrapping up with some questions. Does a good job with the news of explaining what the story was and his opinions on it. Seems to have a good knowledge of the topic he chose and enjoys making the podcast, which makes it more enjoyable to listen to.”
-The Not So Crazy Podcast Of Blizzard The Wizard And Eli

“The Sometimes Geek Podcasts is a delight, even when you a total novice in the gaming community. The host has a smooth and friendly voice. He provides very thorough and honest reviews of new video games he has tried. He considers all sides of the games from cover art to challenge. He also provides segments where he answers listener questions so we can get to know him a bit better and he really thinks about the answers, further endearing himself to us listeners. It is an easy podcast to listen to and a must-subscribe for those of us who are sometimes, or always, geeky.”
-Sipping Sisters

Women Transcend: Parenting Girls in a Patriarchy


I have a fascinating discussion with psychologist Dahlia Topolowsky about raising healthy girls in a patriarchy. We discuss the influences of gender norms, stereotypes, and how to be an active and present parent.
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“Jennifer Todd delves into the challenges of raising daughters in a male-dominated society during times of political turmoil and personal conflicts. Together with her guest Dr. Dahila Topolowski, she examines ways to identify and break down gender-based barricades and stereotypes in an attempt to reinvent societal norms. A very insightful episode that aims to focus on kids as individuals with their own thoughts and feelings rather than reinforcing the preconceived notions of how, when, and if children should be exposed to the expectations of gender specific products, ideologies, and concepts. Jennifer asks great questions in an attempt to understand the “why’s” of today’s conventions, with the goal of helping parents support healthy development of kids. A great, insightful show!”
-On The Edge with Mike Peacock

“Jennifer and John present Women Transcend which focuses each episode on an issue that affects women all over the world and how women ‘transcend’ said issue. In this particular episode Jennifer takes a look at how to raise girls in a patriarchy. Dr Dahlia Topolosky guests and no stones is left unturned in a well-informed and balance discussion on gender roles, stereotypes and navigating modern parenthood. It’s a truly fascinating listen for parents and non-parents alike with warm and likable hosts. “
-The Tom & Jack Podcast